CAD software for CAM users

    Computer-aided design (CAD): OPEN MIND offers its CAM software as a CAD integration for leading systems and has developed its own hyperCAD®-S CAD software specifically for CAM programmers.

    Mechanical components have become increasingly complex. CAD systems are an indispensable tool for engineers that enable them to perform increasingly demanding tasks efficiently, cheaply and safely.

    Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer systems (or workstations) to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. CAD software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, improve communications through documentation, and to create a database for manufacturing.

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    Two CAD integrations

    OPEN MIND’s hyperMILL® CAM software is available as an integration for two of the leading CAD programs: Autodesk® Inventor® and SOLIDWORKS. However, as CAM programmers are the main target group and CAM programmers work very differently with the CAD system than designers or engineers, OPEN MIND also offers another solution that allows CAD models to be prepared in the best possible way for efficient NC programming: its hyperCAD®-S CAD software. Right from the very beginning, the developers of the software concentrated on CAD functions for CAM programmers.

    CAD software for CAM programmers

    hyperCAD®-S allows large amounts of data to be imported seamlessly from the most important CAD programs. The CAD software from OPEN MIND provides the CAM user with numerous interfaces for a high level of interoperability. There are different modules in hyperCAD®-S to satisfy the varying needs of users.

    Structure | hyperCAD-S
    Interfaces | structure | hyperCAD-S
    Geometric Engine | structure | hyperCAD-S
    Solids | structure | hyperCAD-S
    Mesh | structure | hyperCAD-S
    Deformation | structure | hyperCAD-S
    Electrode | structure | hyperCAD-S