hyperCAD®-S: CAD software for CAM programmers

    hyperCAD®-S is the CAD software from the CAM specialist OPEN MIND, and is therefore fully designed to meet the requirements of CAM programmers. It is pure ‘CAD for CAM’.

    The primary objective of hyperCAD®-S is to greatly accelerate CAD-oriented tasks for NC programmers. Points, curves, faces, solids or polygon meshes can be easily selected. Elements can be quickly added, deleted, modified, shown or hidden. All functions are specifically tailored to the tasks of NC programmers.

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    A new standard among CAD systems

    OPEN MIND's CAD subsidiary created the program code for hyperCAD®-S from scratch. The software architecture and kernel, graphics, databases, user interface and API are modern and based on 64-bit-technology. The result: decisive advantages for hardware and software such as exploiting the capabilities of 64-bit, multi-core CPUs and GPUs of the latest graphics cards.

    “There is no CAM without CAD. Our future-oriented, independently developed hyperCAD®-S software strengthens our position among the leading CAD solution providers in the world.”

    Volker Nesenhöner
    CEO OPEN MIND Technologies AG

    CAD for CAM

    User-friendly user interface

    The hyperCAD®-S user interface is modern, ergonomic and does not rely on hidden functions. This allows the CAM user to fully focus on the task in hand.

    Customisable filter functions

    In addition to familiar properties such as layer and colour, the most common geometric and system properties are available as user-defined filters.

    Keyword navigation: Graphic entities can be linked using tags, similar to keywords. This makes it easy to filter all the information about the CAD model. For example: ‘All faces with a radius between 2 and 20 mm’.

    Intelligent entity management

    Toolpaths, polygon meshes, point clouds, rectangles – the inclusion of CAM-relevant entities in the CAD kernel speeds up processes greatly.

    Multi-application mode

    An integrated 64-bit system and IDE-style interface enable opening any number of documents each in its own application. Multiple models can be processed and calculated at the same time.

    Smooth data exchange

    Comprehensive interface package.

    Standard: IGES, STEP, STL, DXF/DWG, Parasolid, point cloud, hyperCAD®
    Direct: CATIA V4 und V5, Autodesk® Inventor®,  Siemens NX and JT, SOLIDWORKS, PTC Creo Parametric

    IGES, STEP, STL, DXF/DWG, point cloud

    Intuitive operation

    Self-explanatory icons and a highly transparent user interface without any hidden functions secure and accelerate operating procedures.

    All languages

    Available in all the same language versions as hyperMILL®.

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    CAD for CAM.
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