Powerful all-in-one CAD/CAM solution

Thanks to the intelligent fusion of CAD, CAM and other technologies, hyperMILL offers ideal conditions for your production.

hyperMILL allows you to increase your performance in programming and machining production. hyperMILL is a complete modular CAD/CAM solution that provides state-of-the-art CAM technologies on a dedicated CAD platform: from 2.5D-, 3D-, 5-axis and turning strategies to solutions for additive manufacturing and machining processes such as high-speed cutting (HSC) and high-performance cutting (HPC). Whether it’s automation, simulation or virtual machines – pioneering technologies expand our product range and enable end-to-end digital process chains. The hyperMILL range of services is rounded off by special applications, the best possible interaction with all common CAD solutions and a customer-focused service offering.

hyperMILL CAD/CAM: outstanding performance thanks to CAD for CAM

Our CAD functionalities are 100% geared towards the requirements of CAM programmers, delivering pure “CAD for CAM”. Points, curves, surfaces, solids or even polygon meshes can be conveniently processed with our own CAD kernel, which is perfectly tailored to CAM. Elements can be quickly added, deleted, changed and shown or hidden. Our CAM strategies come with integrated CAD functions and generate required features, such as surface extensions, fully automatically. Our goal is to greatly accelerate and simplify NC programming processes in the CAD area.

Gaining a competitive edge with hyperMILL

Our leading 5-axis and postprocessor technology as well as the numerous automation options provide you with a competitive advantage. The CAD/CAM systems from OPEN MIND meet the highest requirements worldwide in tool and mold making, production machining, and in the semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, motor sports, medical device and turbine machining industries.

hyperMILL: The high-performance, complete CAM solution

2.5D, 3D, 5‑axis milling and mill-turn tasks can be programmed perfectly and precisely with CAM software hyperMILL from OPEN MIND

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“With hyperMILL® CAD/CAM, we bring together what belongs together. Our innovative and powerful CAD/CAM solution combines unique technologies for high-performance, end-to-end processes in both areas.
This is how we further strengthen our software for users.”

Jasmin Huber, Director Marketing & Communication


Seven reasons to choose hyperMILL

The requirements in metal cutting are increasing continuously: Workpieces need to be milled in ever shorter amounts of time and with ever-higher levels of precision. OPEN MIND's powerful hyperMILL CAM software allows companies to maintain their competitive edge now and in the future.

Future-proof investment

hyperMILL provides highly innovative and fle­xi­ble CAM technologies that allow com­pa­nies to maintain their competitiveness as well as constantly improve it. hyperMILL® gives you the security of knowing that you can also create new customer components flexibly in the future.

Top performance

Noticeable improvements in programming and machining times thanks to efficient use of the available resources. OPEN MIND invests a lot so that customers use up less and less of their time.

Excellent operability

Simple and complex component projects can be programmed quickly, reliably and safely using the latest operating concepts. With hyperMILL, everything is always easy for users to operate: from CAD data preparation to programming and simulation.

Efficient and reliable processes

Powerful machining strategies for 2.5D, 3D, HSC, mill turning and 5‑axis applications offer the optimal solution for every machining situation. Intelligent mechanisms, informative simulations and perfect handling of possible collisions guarantee an extremely high degree of safety.

Optimized Workflow

hyperMILL provides an extensive interface package for seamless continuity to other CAD systems. It is also possible to optimally integrate the CAM system into existing IT landscapes.

Everything can be automated

hyperMILL can be flexibly adapted and optimally extended at any time to suit specific customer requirements.

Superb quality

Use hyperMILL for the best machining results.


hyperMILL®. Overview.

The powerful end-to-end CAD/CAM solution that can handle any manufacturing task!



  • Simple and intuitive use of CAD and CAM functions
  • Comprehensive automation options for CAD and CAM
  • Integration in leading CAD systems
  • One postprocessor for all milling and turning operations
  • Reliable processes thanks to true-to-detail simulation and comprehensive collision control
  • State-of-the-art CAD/CAM technologies for efficient programming and manufacturing
  • Gets the most out of your machines
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