hyperMILL® TURNING: Simple and Productive Turning Strategies

Turning is all about simplicity and productivity. With hyperMILL® TURNING, you can conveniently program and simulate turning and drilling operations of all kinds.

Turning and drilling with a turret assembly

Facing, roughing, finishing, drilling: Turning involves a variety of different operations. All the tools for this are used during the turning operation and bundled in the turret. This assembly is essential for the simulation in the machine’s workspace. hyperMILL® maps out the turret in great detail and, thanks to collision control, prevents costly collisions.

Easy-to-use polar C-X interpolation

You can use C-X interpolation when using driven tools. This gives you more flexibility when machining and makes it easy to respond to axis limits or the absence of linear axes. 

High-performance turning

HPC turning offers you a number of advantages – without additional programming effort. You can use trochoidal toolpaths with optimized connection paths when doing HPC turning work! This guarantees significantly more stable and efficient machining processes, especially with difficult-to-machine materials. With HPC turning, machining can optionally be done in a zigzag movement. This significantly reduces machining times. The infeed takes place in a linear or ramp-like movement, which means that depending on the machining application, the inserts are optimally used and utilized to the fullest.

NC code generation and simulation

hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining and the digital twin of the real machine that is integrated into it are used to generate the NC code. Collision checking, simulation, and analysis processes use the actual NC code – so you know exactly what will happen on the real machine. 

Video: hyperMILL® TURNING

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Oil Distributor Screw | Ingersoll
Cooling Adapter | Mitsubishi Materials
Oil Distributor Screw | Ingersoll

This oil distributor screw was made in collaboration with Ingersoll cutting tools. It was machined on a MTcut-T30MC using hyperMILL TURNING CAM strategies.

Cooling Adapter | Mitsubishi Materials

This cooling adapter was made in collaboration with Mitsubishi Materials. It was machined on a Hardinge Conquest H51 using hyperMILL TURNING CAM strategies including real NC code simulation from hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining.


hyperMILL® TURNING at a glance

  • Intuitive programming environment

    An intuitive programming environment for turning and milling tasks

  • Flexible programming

    A broad spectrum of available turning and milling strategies for flexible programming.

  • Shared tool database

    A shared tool database for turning, milling, and drilling tools enables standardized tool management

  • Simple tool definition

    Simple tool definition with the hyperMILL® TOOL Builder

  • Based on the digital twin

    Thanks to hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining technology, the NC code is generated, simulated, and optimized based on the digital twin

  • Time-saving, automated programming

    Time-saving, automated programming thanks to feature and macro technology and the hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center

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