The aero­space sector, one of the most demanding industries.

The hyperMILL® CAM soft­ware helps manufacturing companies in the aero­space sector gain a critical edge in the face of tough competition.

Complex work­pieces, difficult-to-machine materials, and tight time windows are constant companions in the aero­space sector, one of the most demanding industries when it comes to technology. Perfect NC pro­gram­ming across all machining processes is there­fore a key pre­requisite for companies if they wish to remain com­pe­ti­ti­ve in the complex environment of structural, engine, and non-structural aero­space parts.

Innovative Solutions Designed to Meet Tough Challenges

Be it aluminum structural parts, engine components, or non-structural parts for actuation and flight control systems: The hyperMILL® CAM software can solve the challenges of the aero­space industry with ease. hyperMILL® is a comprehensive solution that features intelligent methods and strategies ideally suited to typical aero­space tasks. OPEN MIND is a true innovator and has developed numerous functions that result in perfect component sur­faces while also accelerating programming and machining. Complex work­pieces, free-form surfaces, deep cavities, and the like can be reliably programmed in the shortest possible time using the HPC, HSC, and 5‑axis solutions provided in hyperMILL®. Even difficult cast and forged parts made of titanium, Inconel and other super-alloys can be machined efficiently and in a tool-friendly manner based on proven HSC and HPC strategies.


Industry Challenges

  • Decreasing setup times

    Complete and multi-axis machining using mill-turn and 5‑axis technologies

  • Reduced programming times

    Automated NC programming for pockets and holes thanks to feature and macro techno­logy

  • Reduced machining times of material-intense machining jobs

    Innovative HSC and HPC strategies for faster roughing and finishing

  • Improved process reliability and safety

    Collision-tested tool­paths and state-of-the-art simulation techno­logy

  • Better quality

    Blending cycles minimize additional finishing processes

  • Demanding materials

    Milling that goes easy on tools and machines thanks to HSC and HPC strategies

hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining: Aero­space – Engine Case

This video shows the machining of an engine case for the aero­space industry on a Hermle C42 MT U dy­na­mic. It was programmed using hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining strategies combined with high-per­for­mance strategies from the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining package such as High-Performance Turning and High-Performance Milling.

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The Right Strategy for any Application

hyperMILL® offers a comprehensive range of high-performance machining strategies for every application. The name says it all: The hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance package offers the perfect strategies for high-performance roughing, finishing, and drilling. For example, exceptionally high metal removal rates can be achieved when roughing thin-walled structural parts. hyperMILL® provides specially developed app­li­ca­ti­ons for the efficient manufacture of special aero­space components such as impellers, blisks, and turbine blades.

Complete Machining Is the Baseline

5‑axis machining centers and hybrid machines are the accepted standard for manufacturing companies in the aero­space industry. In addition to other components, a power­ful and versatile CAM solution is required to fully exploit the potential of these machines. hyperMILL® combines power­ful milling and turning strategies in a single user inter­face to ensure efficient programming and machining. Required setups are reduced to a minimum, setup times are shortened, and at the same time accuracy is increased.

Fast, Reliable, and Automated Programming

OPEN MIND’s feature and macro technology lays the foundation for automated NC programming. Feature technology can automatically recognize standard geo­metries such as bores, grooves, and pockets together with all their machining properties. The information obtained is then reused for manual or automated pro­gram­ming by means of stored machining sequences – so-called machining macros. Feature and macro technology not only significantly reduces programming times; this type of standardization also helps to avoid operating errors. If required, programming projects can be executed in a fully automated manner.

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CAM Strategies for Industry-specific Components

hyperMILL® MAXX Machining
Special Applications
2.5d pocket roughing (hpc) | structure part | aerospace industry –

HPC roughing
High-performance roughing with trochoidal toolpaths enables very high material removal rates. This is highly useful, for example, for roughing structural parts as quickly as possible.

5-axis helical drilling | structure part | aerospace industry –

5-axis helical drilling
Using this strategy, the material is milled from a circular pocket based on helical tilt milling in a 5-axis simultaneous movement, which is par­ti­cu­lar­ly efficient and tool friendly, even when handling high-strength materials.

5-axis tangent plane machining | structure part | aerospace industry –

5-axis tangent plane machining
This method al­lows users to achieve time savings of up to 90 percent during tangent plane machining. The use of conical barrel cutters allows for larger line increments while delivering a better surface quality at the same time, compared to conventional finishing methods.

5-axis shape offset roughing | aerospace industry –

5-axis shape offset roughing
This function enables the roughing of curved surfaces with a con­sis­tent allowance. The roughing job is completed even faster when used together with the High-Performance-Cutting (HPC) option.

High Speed Cutting (HSC) / High Feed Cutting (HFC)

hyperMILL® offers a large number of functions for HSC and HFC ma­chi­ning. Using a freely definable tool geometry makes it possible, for example, to precisely map high feed cutters, which are then taken fully into account during collision checks and rest material com­pu­ta­ti­on. Machining times can be reduced in connection with the ‘adaptive pocket’ function, whereby circular or rectangular pocket geometries are automatically adapted in the area to be machined.

impeller blisk | aerospace industry –

Multi-blade package
Automated functions as part of the special strategies as well as a sim­ple user interface with graphic support ensure rapid programming of blisks and impellers.

single blade | aerospace industry –

Blade package
Optimized milling strategies for turbine blade and hub machining enable complete machining. Simple definition thanks to automated functions ensures short programming times.

What our customers say

Customers of OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc.


Linda Tool

„We wanted a highly efficient, stable process, and that's exactly what we got with hyperMILL®.“

Dave Holmes, Production Manager

Linda Tool
Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Western Precision Products, Inc.

“We purchased hyperMILL® to allow us to program and run our 5‑axis machines to their full potential.”

Tyler Bureau, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

Western Precision Products, Inc.
Tualatin, Oregon, USA
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Reliable Simulations Ensure Error-free Processing

‘Safety first’ is of particular importance when producing for the aero­space industry. The hyperMILL® CAM soft­ware comes with a power­ful NC simulation to ensure that everything will run safely on the machine tool. Collisions are detected in advance and avoided. The advantages are obvious: improved process re­li­a­bi­li­ty and fast set-up processes.
The NC code-based simulation of hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining allows for the virtual mapping of real ma­chi­ning situations, including the programmable logic controller (PLC) and the machine environment. The si­mu­la­ti­on already captures and shows users the exact machine movements that will be later performed on the machine tool. The user inter­face is based on the familiar machine control and is thus very easy to o­pe­ra­te. The solution also supports quick familiarization with the simulation. Based on the NC code, hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining offers numerous options not only for simulations, but also for analyzing and optimizing the machining processes. CAM soft­ware that is tightly integrated with the machine tools is an important pre­requisite for realizing Industry 4.0-grade production.

Seam­less hyperMILL® PLM Integrations

For aero­space companies that want to combine all product and process data (including NC manufacturing data) into a central PLM environment, hyperMILL® offers corresponding inter­faces to leading PLM systems such as Teamcenter, Windchill, or SAP PLM. The CAM system thus enables the net­working of the relevant manufacturing disciplines as well as the integration of all CAD, CAM, and NC processes.

OPEN MIND – A Long-standing CAM Partner of the Aviation Industry

In numerous successful projects, OPEN MIND has proven its extensive know-how and shown how com­po­nents in the aero­space industry can be programmed and processed efficiently. hyperMILL® has also es­tab­li­shed it­self as a CAM system that stands for programming the most complex parts with un­precedented ease, such as impellers and blisks, turbine blades made of high-strength nickel-based alloys, engine hou­sings, and structural parts.

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5-axis Machining: Turbine Blade on GROB
5-axis Machining: Aerospace – Structural Part
5-axis Machining: Turbine Blade on GROB

This video shows a machining example of a turbine blade on a GROB G550 machine programmed with the CAM software hyperMILL®.
For more information: turbine blade package

5-axis Machining: Aerospace – Structural Part

This video shows the machining of a structural part for the aerospace industry on a GROB G352. It was machined in one setup using highly efficient roughing and finishing strategies from hyperMILL® MAXX Machining.




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Aerospace Solutions
Innovative Solutions Designed to Meet Tough Challenges


Advantages at a Glance

  • Optimum roughing and finishing strategies

    That are particularly efficient and ensure tool- and machine-friendly machining, even when handling materials that are difficult to machine

  • Comprehensive best-in-class 5‑axis technology

    That enables the safe machining of complex components and deep cavities using short, stable tools

  • Tight dimensional tolerances

    To achieve top quality thanks to single clamping made possible by 5‑axis and mill-turning technology

  • Complete machining

    All machining strategies integrated in a single user inter­face

  • High degree of automation

    From feature and macro technology through to fully automated NC programming (API)

  • Convenient user interface

    CAM solution operated using a single user inter­face. Intelligent automated functions facilitate intuitive handling.

  • High process reliability

    Simulation and collision avoidance for safe machine-based processes

  • High-end post­processors

    Optimally tailored to the customer’s requirements

  • Complete documentation

    Simple and well-structured documentation work­flow when programming certifiable processes with hyperMILL®

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