Trochoidal turning

Productivity, process reliability, and time savings are the clear advantages delivered with this pac­kage. Here, the proven concept of trochoidal milling was successfully applied to the roughing of all turned parts.

With hyperMILL® MAXX Machining, the trochoidal milling concept can be quickly and easily applied to all turned parts. The connecting paths between the individual tool­paths as well as their approach and re­tra­cti­on movements are perfectly aligned with the respective machining application. This not only significantly reduces the machining time, but also increases the tool life substantially. Homo­geneous machine mo­ve­ments reduce the load on the individual axes of the machine tool.

Trochoidal Tool­paths

Intelligent algorithms calculate tool­paths that correspond to a tro­cho­idal shape. The individual paths are perfectly connected and the app­roach and retract movements are optimally harmonized. Optimized feeds provide maximum speed.

In­feed Strategies

Machining takes place in a uniform direction or in a zigzag pattern. The in­feed takes place in a linear or ramp-like movement. Depending on the machining case, the inserts are always utilized to the fullest.

3-axis simultaneous high-performance turning

The combination of HPC and simultaneous machining combines all the advantages of both technologies. HPC simultaneous machining further boosts the turning efficiency of machines with a swivel head on the third axis. Complex workpiece geometries can be machined in a single operation by simultaneously adapting the approach angle during turning.


  • Increased process reliability
  • Improved productivity
  • High material removal
  • Simple programming
  • Reduced number of tools needed
  • Tool-friendly machining
  • Uses proven HPC technology from Celeritive™
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