High-feed cutting (HFC) and
High-performance cutting (HPC)

The roughing module in hyperMILL® MAXX Machining offers unique solutions for high-feed cutting (HFC) as well as high-performance cutting (HPC) with spiral and trochoidal tool mo­ve­ments. These technologies deliver the greatest possible material removal rates with the shortest production times.

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Perfect Pocketing Technology

This innovative technology fits pockets perfectly into the area to be machined and optimizes tool­paths for high feed milling.

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High-Performance Milling

This package is particularly powerful be­cause high cutting speeds and feed rates ensure extremely fast machining. 2.5D, 3D, and 5‑axis milling operations can be carried out easily and quickly. Thanks to si­mul­ta­neous machining, this can also be applied to curved areas without any problems.

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High-Performance Turning

Less time, higher productivity, and more process reliability – these are the key advantages of this package. This was made possible by successfully applying the proven concept of trochoidal milling to turning.

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