From idea to reality

The goal in modelling and prototyping is to convert ideas into physical models and prototypes as quickly as possible. At low unit volumes, the CAM soft­ware must ensure low-cost programming and production.

The look, feel, and function can be optimally tested on a first physical component. Technical prototypes play the central role when it comes to assessing the suitability for use in production.

CAD for CAM – prototyping can be that easy

hyperMILL® features an integrated interface package for importing, analyzing, and processing both simple and complex models or prototypes with ease. The CAD software from OPEN MIND also takes existing product manufacturing information into account. The CAD functions in hyperMILL® offer intuitive filter and selection functions for convenient and fast NC programming.
Direct modeling makes it easy to make changes to the component and thus create multiple variants. The shape and position of selected surfaces or features can be easily changed. Direct modeling also works with imported external data.


Industry Challenges

  • Reduce setup times

    Thanks to complete and multi-axis machining using mill-turn and 5‑axis technologies

  • Shorten machining times

    With innovative HSC and HPC strategies for roughing and finishing

  • Increase process reliability

    Through collision-tested toolpaths and state-of-the-art simulation technology

  • Improve quality

    Blending cycles minimize additional finishing processes

  • Batch size 1

    Requires high process reliability

Videos: CAM software for Models Prototypes

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North Bucks Machining Ltd
5-axis Machining: Makino Mouse
North Bucks Machining Ltd

Stewart Palmer talks about their CNC machined downhill bike and success with CAM software hyperMILL®.

5-axis Machining: Makino Mouse

This is an machining example of a cavity programmed with hyperMILL® and it´s MAXX Machining package. MAXXimum performance with the high performance roughing and finishing module.
Using 5-axis technology and performance tooling like barrel cutters this demo was done in a short time with a high surface quality. The demo part was machined during a workshop in cooperation with Makino.


Optimal milling results from 2.5D to 5‑axis

hyperMILL® CAM software allows the user to quickly achieve the best milling results. Numerous efficient milling strategies make it possible to produce top-quality prototypes and master forms with the optimal surface finish; time-consuming post-processing is no longer necessary.

5-axis simultaneous strategies are just as easy to program as 3D strategies. The use of short, stable tools associated with these strategies lead to maximum process reliability in the production of complex work­piece geometries. Innovative blending cycles for finishing and rest material machining help to avoid visible transitions and edges. The result: flawless surfaces.

What our customers say

Customers of OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc.


Ramco Machine, LLC

“We got hyperMILL®, because when you buy a high quality piece of equipment you need high quality CAM software to program it. hyperMILL® CAM software handles the complex parts that we make and I haven’t found anything that it can’t do.”

Mike Jezowski, Vice President

Ramco Machine, LLC
Rowley, MA, USA
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CAM Strategies for Industry-specific Components

3D strategies
hyperMILL® MAXX Machining
3d finishing | models prototypes –

hyperMILL® finishing strategies are easy to program and guarantee top-quality surfaces. Whether it comes to 3D or 5-axis machining, hyperMILL® offers the matching finishing strategy for every application.

3d smooth overlap | models prototypes –

Smooth overlap
The ‘Smooth overlap’ function helps to avoid ridges and visible edges at the transitions from flat to steep component areas. Ramp-shaped retractions are used to smooth out the transitions in these areas to guarantee optimal surface quality every time.

3d automatic face extension | models prototypes –

Automatic face extension
This CAD for CAM functionality allows selected milled surfaces to be automatically extended. This eliminates the need to modify the milled surfaces in the CAD program beforehand and prevents damage to edges during milling.

Performance Package: HPC roughing

Are you looking to quickly create a model or prototype from an unmachined part? That’s easy with the high-performance milling strategies from hyperMILL®. Trochoidal toolpaths guarantee reliable, tool-friendly machining with high stock removal rates, regardless of whether 2.5D, 3D, or 5-axis machining is required.

Reliable simulations ensure reliable processing

hyperMILL® offers a reliable simulation feature, including collision control and avoidance, to ensure con­sis­tent and dependable modelling and prototyping. hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining features an NC code­ba­sed simulation that incorporates the geometries and kinematics of all possible components of the ma­nu­fac­tu­ring process. Users are shown the exact machine movements during the simulation that will be performed later on the machine tool.




Azimut Benetti S.p.A.

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North Bucks Machining Ltd

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Ramco Machine, LLC

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Advantages at a Glance

  • CAD for CAM: Built-in CAD software in hyperMILL® for optimal component analysis and processing
  • Optimized roughing and finishing strategies: for highly efficient, tool- and machine-friendly machining
  • Best-in-class 5-axis strategies: for the reliable machining of complex geometries
  • Integrated solution for all machining operations: milling and turning in a single user interface
  • High process reliability: perfect milling paths as well as reliable simulation and collision avoidance
  • Easy to program: intuitive and supported by automated functions
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