Time savings of up to 90 percent

Finishing re­invented! Our finishing module impresses with ground­breaking innovations for semi-finishing and finishing with barrel cutters and roll­feed turning inserts. The large cutting radii deliver time savings of up to 90 percent.

OPEN MIND was one of the first CAM manufacturers to investigate how special milling cutters can be used to enhance 5‑axis machining. This R&D effort yielded high-performance strategies for finishing planes and any continuous surfaces as well as fillets using different types of barrel cutters. The enormous time savings of up to 90 percent are achieved thanks to the special cutting geometry of the tools and the matching CAM strategies. Even when turning, a large cutting radius is exploited to substantially increase per­for­mance.

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Superb performance across a wide range of applications: The tool geometry of the barrel cutters caters to a variety of applications, and hyperMILL® MAXX Machining fully exploits its innovative strategies for high-performance machining of free-form surfaces, planes, and prismatic fillets.

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OPEN MIND worked together with Vandurit to develop a machining strategy specifically for the rollFEED® turning inserts in order to make the best possible use of these turning tools. This means that very high surface qualities can also be achieved during turning in a short period of time.

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