Finishing faster than ever

This package for finishing with barrel cutters provides strategies that set almost no limits for machining. With time savings of up to 90 percent, this puts hyperMILL® performance in a league of its own.

Our innovative finishing module features perfect surfaces created in a very short time. Innovative strategies for the machining of planes, surfaces with any curvature, and prismatic fillets facilitate highly efficient fi­ni­shing. Compared to conventional methods, time savings of up to 90 percent can be achieved when com­bi­ning the method with a conical barrel cutter. Intelligent automated functions ensure optimal tool orientation and fit. Plus, hard-to-reach areas can be machined with ease.


Tangent plane machining

This powerful strategy was specifically designed for processing even surfaces in wall and floor areas. Two types of machining are available to users. When using indexed machining, the surface is machined with different orientations in specific areas. With simultaneous machining, the entire surface is machined simultaneously. Active collision avoidance and a constantly changing tool inclination mean that even areas that are difficult to access can be machined reliably.

Tangent machining

Tangent machining is the best strategy for perfect machining of sur­faces with any degree of continuous curvature! hyperMILL® fully cre­ates the tool­paths automatically for efficient single- and multi-surface machining. Intelligent algorithms ensure that the tool always tilts optimally over the contact point of the milling cutter. This results in safe machining of the entire surface and uniform utilization of the cutting radius.

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Prismatic fillet finishing

Prismatic fillet finishing is a new method for the efficient processing of fillets. Extremely high feed rates can be achieved with piercing and pulling tool movements. Inclined barrel cutters are used like high feed milling cutters. The strategy automatically calculates the required inclination and contact point of the barrel cutter. This allows users to achieve high-quality transitions between different surfaces.

The finishing module

Details about the finishing module in hyperMILL® MAXX Machining


The following machining strategies are available for tangent plane machining:

  • (1) Machining the face
  • (2) Machining the face with limit
  • (3) Machining the limit
Indexed machining

The face is machined with different orientations in specific areas. A high level of surface quality between the orientations is achieved thanks to a defined overlap.

Simultaneous machining

The entire face undergoes 5‑axis simultaneous machining. 5‑axis simultaneous machining is especially effective with dynamic machines.

Bottom machining

Bottom surfaces with undercut situations and edge areas of high walls or pocket bottoms can be optimally machined using the strategy for conical barrel cutters.

Automatic collision avoidance

In collision areas, the tool tilts upwards away from the contact point or guiding angle.

Barrel cutters in general

Barrel-shaped tools use a section of the cir­cum­fe­rence, allowing for very large radii. For exam­ple, the compact design of the tools allows for a cutting radius of 500 mm. Types:

  • General barrel cutter
  • Tangential barrel cutter
  • Conical barrel cutter
Conical barrel cutter

The conical barrel cutter represents a completely new type of milling tool geometry that was de­ve­lo­ped by OPEN MIND. Thanks to this innovation, faces with minimal curvature can be efficiently ma­chi­ned.

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