A central CAD/CAM software platform that supports all of your process steps

Tool and mold making includes a wide range of processes with demanding manufacturing tasks. With the power­ful, efficient and complete hyperMILL® CAM solution, manufacturers benefit from a central CAD/CAM software platform that supports all of your process steps through­out the entire production value chain.

Manufacturers producing punching and forming tools for the sheet metal industry or mold tools for injection molding and die casting are constantly faced with new challenges. To face the challenges with a ‘future-proof’ production method, high-quality CNC machining must be guaranteed, through­put times minimized, and productivity increased.
hyperMILL® always offers you the right solution to carry out your tasks efficiently. In just one system, hyperMILL® provides: CAD, CAM, electrode production, wire EDM, measurement and simulation. You can also use the hyperMILL® Automation Center to partially or fully automate all of your work steps.
The innovative hyperMILL® CAD/CAM soft­ware solution makes it possible to implement all your tool and mold making projects economically and safely.

CAM­software hyperMILL® for mold and die machining

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Successful Manufacturing with hyperMILL®.

  • Seamless

    Map all your production steps from importing the CAD data to NC code simulation

  • Innovative

    Forward-looking CAD/CAM technologies for an industry-leading competitive edge

  • Practice-oriented

    Safely implement your programming tasks with the most efficient machining strategies

  • Guarantee of quality

    High-quality surface quality through calculation directly to the CAD sur­faces

  • Automated

    Process optimization to reduce lead times

  • Certainty

    The NC code checked and automatically creates optimized NC programs

Our own CAD solution (formerly hyperCAD®-S) is precisely tailored to the needs of CAM programmers.

Numerous functions are available for the efficient and safe preparation of 3D data, and with a large package of direct and standard interfaces – we ensure that everything runs smoothly.

hyperMILL® enables you to easily transfer all your relevant manufacturing information such as PMIs or features with the design data.

cad software | mold die –

Electrode production is a major time and cost factor, especially in the mold making industry.

The hyperMILL® Electrode (formerly hyperCAD®-S Electrode) module maps the entire electrode process: starting with electrode development and milling, through to measurement and program output for the eroding machine tool.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can automatically create and program electrodes, benefitting from an integrated solution through our CAD/CAM system.

electrode | mold die –

Wire EDM can be a critical process in tool and mold making and thanks to the proven OPTICAM solution, OPEN MIND offers efficient and flexible programming of 2‑axis to 4‑axis wire EDM machines.

With seamless integration in hyperMILL®, you can manage all processing tasks in a project from drilling and milling through to wire EDM.

wire spark erosion | mold die –

The requirements for individual tool and mold making projects can be extremely diverse.

With the high-performance complete CAM solution hyperMILL® from OPEN MIND, you can master all your challenges and accelerate your competitiveness. The modular soft­ware structure allows functions and machining strategies to be tailored precisely to your individual re­qui­re­ments.

You can adopt the entire processing spectrum from 2.5D and 3D milling through to 5‑axis machining to produce high-quality and pre­ci­se shapes and tools. Innovative and patented technologies will ensure you always get the best out of your machines with hyperMILL®.

cam software | mold die –

Probing on machine tools is essential if you want to achieve the highest possible level of safety, reduce through­put times, and enhance component quality.

With hyperMILL® you can flexibly create a wide variety of probing strategies from setting an origin and aligning through to in-process measuring and 3D point measuring for quality control.

The programming of the probing operations are simple, completely collision-checked and based on the machine cycles of the control.

probing | mold die –

Reliable simulation is essential to ensure error-free production whilst protecting your machine tools and cutting tools.

hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining is a power­ful solution that is more than just pure NC code simulation. With the help of a digital twin and the optimizer, dangerous situations and collisions are recognized, automatically resolved and avoided.

This unique module offers you a multi­tude of possibilities to perfect the NC code based on real machine data.

simulation | mold die –

You can optimize and standardize your programming processes with our innovative automation solutions that allow you to control your processes centrally through the hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center. It offers a range of options that go way beyond just recognizing features and applying pre­defined parameters.

End-users can select which CAD and CAM functions and processes they would like to partially or fully automated. This increases your through­put, makes the daily work of the programmer easier and it establishes company-wide standards.

automation | mold die –

Production planning and control is a central element for economical production and efficient through­put. With our Manufacturing E­xe­cu­ti­on System (MES) you can plan, control, and accelerate your pro­duc­ti­on processes.

All hyperMILL® processes can be integrated into the agile Hummingbird MES soft­ware that is controlled via a direct inter­face. We are now taking the next steps towards Industry 4.0 with hyperMILL® – it’s a journey you should join us on.

mes | mold die –

What our customers say

Customers of OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc.


P and C Tool

“P and C Tool was founded on the belief that there is a better way to build mold tooling – a way that provides quality tools with extremely short lead times, combines high-tech CNC processes with skilled toolmaking, and minimizes errors while maximizing machine time. With this in mind, we continue to invest in the technology that will get us there.”

Ed Leech, Director of Engineering

P and C Tool
Meadville, PA, USA
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Krueger machining LTD

“One of the advantages of hyperMILL® is that hyperCAD®-S is built right into it and works in tandem with it. This makes it easy to manipulate surfaces and change features or geometry to get the right toolpath. This just made the whole process work better.”

Craig Krueger

Krueger machining LTD
Tecumseh, ON, Canada
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M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp.

“We chose hyperMILL® because we felt it was the best solution to complement our high-end 5‑axis machine and fully maximize our production operations.”

Rick Finnie, CEO

M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp.
Brea, CA, USA
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“We develop inno­vative and practical solu­tions for the entire process chain in your pro­duc­tion. In order to always keep you a step ahead, we work closely with renowned tool and die manu­facturers worl­dwide.”

Stefan Jacobs, Product Manager Tool and Mold Making,
OPEN MIND Technologies AG.


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5-axis Machining: Bottle Mold
Mold & Die machining example
hyperMILL® MAXX Machining: High-Performance Machining example
5-axis Machining: Bottle Mold

hyperMILL® offers strategies and functions to manufacture high quality bottle and blow molds. This demo part was machined with our partner Aura-Tools on a Röders RXP 601 DSH machine out of a aluminum block.

Mold & Die machining example

This mold & die machining example shows the high precision machining of hyperMILL®. Perfect surface quality paired with high efficient strategies for roughing and finishing. hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Center is a nc-code based simulation solution with optimized nc-code and machine movements.
Machined on a DMC 80U out of 1.2312 material.

hyperMILL® MAXX Machining: High-Performance Machining example

High-Performance Machining of a demo part with hyperMILL® MAXX Machining strategies for drilling, roughing and finishing. Machined on a DMG MORI DMU 85 monoBLOCK 5-axis machine.
Material: 1.1730 (C45) steel

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