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    The finishing module in hyperMILL® MAXX Machining is a highly efficient solution for the semi-finishing and finishing of planes and free-form surfaces with various barrel cutters.

    Finishing | hyperMILL MAXX Machining

    Faster and better: As a pioneer in the CAM field, OPEN MIND has spent time focusing on how to use special milling tools in 5-axis machining. This expertise has allowed OPEN MIND to also use barrel cutters in finishing, for example, and develop a totally unique package for this type of finishing. These strategies allow for much larger step-over distances between paths compared with conventional methods. This results in huge time savings. At the same time, surface quality is the same or even better.

    “For over 50 years, everyone thought they knew the best way to mill plane faces.

    OPEN MIND has now developed an innovative and highly efficient method for finishing planes. The potential savings are extraordinary, even for hard-to-reach faces.”

    Dr. Josef Koch, CTO of OPEN MIND Technologies AG

    Time saved during plane machining: up to 90%

    OPEN MIND developed its innovative 'tangent plane machining' strategy specifically for machining the planes of steep surfaces and bottom surfaces. The conical barrel cutters used in this strategy make it possible to achieve machining time savings of up to 90 per cent compared with conventional methods. Tangent plane machining takes full advantage of the milling tool geometry in order to achieve perfect surfaces during plane machining. Intelligent automated functions ensure optimum tool orientation and fit. In this way, even hard-to-reach areas can be machined reliably and efficiently.

    Two machining modes are available for finishing with tangent machining. Individual as well as continuous component surfaces can be selected for the Z-levels and ISO machining. hyperMILL® MAXX Machining creates the tool paths fully automatically, without special contour selection. Automatic collision avoidance causes the tool to tilt upwards away from the contact point or guiding angle in collision areas. The position of the barrel cutter on the surfaces to be machined can be dynamically adjusted to make optimal use of the tool’s cutting edge.
    This guarantees secure, efficient machining of free-form surfaces or combination with plane surfaces at all times.

    tangent plane machining | hyperMILL MAXX Machining
    Time saved during finishing: up to 90%
    Tangent machining

    Features/General information

    • Much greater step-over distances with the same theoretical scallop height
    • Hard-to-reach areas can now be finished better
    • Efficient and reliable finishing strategies
    • With these strategies, thermal deformation of machine elements are less likely to leave an impression on the component.
    • Reduced number of tools
    • Possible applications: tool and mould manufacturing, aerospace, tire moulds, turbine blades and impellers
    • hyperMILL® MAXX Machining supports barrel cutters. The different cutter types are available in many 5-axis cycles:

      • Tangent plane machining
      • Tangential milling
      • 5-axis rework machining
      • 5-axis machining for impellers, blisks and turbine blades

    Features/Tangent plane machining

    • Strategy for tangent plane machining with conical barrel cutters for time savings of up to 90%
    • Especially for machining steep or flat planes in undercut situations
    • Machining individual or continuous planes
    • Automatic alignment and nestling of the conical barrel cutter
    • Simple programming ensures a high degree of user-friendliness

    5-axis tangent machining features

    • Automatic alignment and nestling of the conical barrel cutter
    • Simple programming ensures a high degree of user-friendliness
    • Machining individual or continuous surfaces (planes and free-form surfaces)
    • Tool path creation through simple surface selection
    • Dynamic contact point for optimal machining


    • Reduced machining times with time savings of up to 90% during tangent plane machining
    • High-quality surfaces
    • Extended tool life

    Details about the finishing module
    in hyperMILL® MAXX Machining


    strategies | MAXX Finishing

    The following machining strategies are available for tangent plane machining:

    (1) Machining the face
    (2) Machining the face with limit
    (3) Machining the limit

    Indexed machining

    indexed machining | MAXX Finishing

    The face is machined with different orientations in specific areas. A high level of surface quality between the orientations is achieved thanks to a defined overlap.

    Simultaneous machining

    Simultaneous machining | MAXX Finishing

    The entire face undergoes 5-axis simultaneous machining. 5-axis simultaneous machining is especially effective with dynamic machines.

    Bottom machining

    bottom machining | MAXX Finishing

    Bottom surfaces with undercut situations and edge areas of high walls or pocket bottoms can be optimally machined using the strategy for conical barrel cutters.

    Automatic collision avoidance

    Automatic collision avoidance | Tangent Machining

    In collision areas, the tool tilts upwards away from the contact point or guiding angle.

    Barrel cutters in general

    Barrel cutter | MAXXimum finishing
    Comparison of barrel cutter and ballmill

    Barrel-shaped tools use a section of the circumference, allowing for very large radii. For example, the compact design of the tools allows for a cutting radius of 500 mm. Types:

    • General barrel cutter
    • Tangential barrel cutter
    • Conical barrel cutter

    Conical barrel cutter

    The conical barrel cutter represents a completely new type of milling tool geometry that was developed by OPEN MIND. Thanks to this innovation, faces with minimal curvature can be efficiently machined.

    hub finishing | Conical barrel cutter
    Conical angle greater than 50° for hub finishing
    steep area | Conical barrel cutter
    Conical angle of less than 40° for machining steep areas


    • Greater step over distances during semi-finishing and finishing operations.
    • Barrel cutters enable a greater step-over distance with the same theoretical scallop height
    • Efficient production thanks to shorter machining times with the same or better surface quality
    • Increased tool life while simultaneously reducing the number of tools required
    • Tolerance deviations due to heat warping at the tool are reduced to a minimum
    • Axial deviations of the machine are smoothed
    • Simple tool definition in hyperMILL®
    • Full mapping of barrel cutters, even during the simulation
    • Barrel cutters with ball mill tips can be simultaneously used as barrel cutters and ball mills

    High-Performance-Finishing of demo parts with the finishing module of hyperMILL® MAXX Machining – machined on a GROB G550.

    A highly efficient solution for the semi-finishing and finishing of planes and free-form surfaces with various barrel cutters. This video shows the application of 5-axis tangent plane machining with its benefits.