hyperMILL® CAM software packages

    A package for every requirement.

    hyperMILL® is available in several versions and special applications.

    hyperMILL® 2D

    This package is intended for typical 2,5D tasks. One special feature is that existing machine intelligence and control cycles can be supported for pocket milling and drilling.

    CAM software: 2D software package | Download

    hyperMILL® 2D.

    Version for typical 2D tasks.
    PDF | 523 kB | 2012

    hyperMILL®: 2D software package | Information

    hyperMILL® Classic

    This package is well-suited for typical 2D and 3D tasks, offering the user countless possibilities for efficient programming. Optimisation functions enable users to adjust machining precisely to existing requirements.

    CAM software: Classic software package | Download

    hyperMILL® Classic.

    Version for typical 2D and 3D tasks.
    PDF | 535 kB | 2012

    hyperMILL®: Classic software package | Information

    hyperMILL® Expert

    This package is suited for complex 2D and 3D tasks, as well as high-speed and hard metal machining. It offers both standard strategies and special machining strategies, as well as several optimisation functions that enable the user to define customised machining tasks.

    CAM software: Expert software package | Download

    hyperMILL® Expert.

    Version for demanding 2D and 3D tasks.
    PDF | 535 kB | 2012

    hyperMILL®: Expert software package | Information

    hyperMILL® 5AXIS

    Machining complex geometries with deep cavities, high steep walls and undercuts requires precisely defined milling areas and many different tool angles, which can be achieved without collisions using 5axis machining. Depending on the geometry and machine kinematics, the user can choose between 5axis machining with a fixed tool angle, automatic indexing or true simultaneous motion.

    CAM software: 5-axis software package | Download

    hyperMILL® 5AXIS.

    For machining complex geometries.
    PDF | 460 kB | 2012

    hyperMILL®: 5-axis software package | Information

    hyperMILL® Special applications

    Geometries such as impellers, blisks, blades, tubes and tires have special requirements that standard strategies cannot satisfy. For this reason, hyperMILL® offers user-friendly special applications that can be seamlessly integrated into the CAM system.

    CAM software: Special applications software package | Download

    hyperMILL® Special applications.

    For geometries such as multiblades, blades, tubes and tires.
    PDF | 335 kB | 2012

    hyperMILL®: Special applications software package | Information

    hyperMILL® millTURN

    The hyperMILL® millTURN module offers you machining strategies for turning. Together with hyperMILL®, NC programs can be created for complete machining with turning and milling operations. Due to the module’s seamless integration, the tool database, stock tracking and collision check functions can be freely combined for all machining operations. Postprocessing is carried out with only one post processor for all milling and turning tasks.

    CAM software: mill-turn software package | Download

    hyperMILL® millTURN.

    For complete machining with turning and milling operations.
    PDF | 190 kB | 2012

    hyperMILL®: mill-turn software package | Information

    hyperMILL® Postprocessors

    In the face of complex differences in controllers and machines, as well as individual component requirements, postprocessors developed based on customer requirements represent the ideal solution. This is why OPEN MIND Technologies AG designs its own postprocessors for its customers. These postprocessors are an important component of a CAM solution that goes far beyond generalised standard solutions in terms of performance and safety. Thanks to customised development, postprocessors can be offered for all operations from 2D, 3D and 5axis machining to turning.

    CAM software: Postprocessors software package | Download

    hyperMILL® Postprocessors.

    A postprocessor for all operations from 2D, 3D and 5axis machining to turning.
    PDF | 260 kB | 2012

    hyperMILL®: Postprocessors software package | Information