MILL-TURN Machining module: Milling and turning with just one CAM software

    Mill turning centres are designed for efficient all-in-one machining in a single setup. With its MILL-TURN Machining module, the hyperMILL® CAM software provides a perfect integration of milling and turning strategies in a single user interface.

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    Combined mill turning centres are a very sophisticated type of CNC machine as they link two different types of machining technologies together. The advantage: Workpieces can be milled and turned on one machine and in one setup. This means that even highly complex workpieces can be completely machined. Mill turning, that is, the combination of milling and turning, is therefore becoming more and more important in CNC programming.

    All-in-one machining on the NC machine

    Mill turning has enormous potential when it comes to manufacturing a particular range of parts, for example, when a typical milled part has a rotationally symmetrical outer contour. Thanks to all-in-one machining on one machine, it is not necessary to clamp the part again on a second machine. The manufacturing time is shortened and greater precision is achieved. In general, mill turning therefore makes manufacturing processes more cost-efficient.

    Turning and milling in a single CAM user interface

    The complexity of the two manufacturing operations, turning and milling, places higher demands on NC programming. The CAM software must therefore make it possible to work safely and efficiently.
    MILL-TURN Machining is fully integrated in the hyperMILL® CAM software. The user can equally use mill/turn strategies as well as all 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis milling strategies in a single user interface. Even demanding mill/turn tasks can be programed very conveniently in hyperMILL® using the MILL-TURN Machining module as all turning and milling strategies can be freely combined with one another. This means that the NC programmer can be very flexible when choosing the best possible machining strategy.
    Another advantage of the MILL-TURN Machining module being fully integrated in hyperMILL® is that the tool database, stock tracking, collision checking and postprocessor can be used jointly for all milling and turning operations.

    hyperMILL MILL-TURN Machining – CAM software | Download

    hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining.

    Mill-Turn Strategies
    PDF | 5.9 MB | 2018

    hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining – CAM software | Brochure


    • A single programming environment for turning and milling tasks
    • A broad spectrum of available turning and milling strategies for flexible programming up to complex 5-axis tasks
    • A shared tool database for turning, milling and drilling tools enables standardised tool management
    • A postprocessor individually adapted to the machine, controller and range of parts generates the NC code for the turning and milling operations in one NC program
    • Simple tool definition: Define inserts via the ISO or ANSI code

    Strategies for MILL-TURN Machining

    Roughing | strategies for mill turning
    Face Groove Turning | strategies for mill turning
    Face Groove Turning
    Contour-parallel Roughing | strategies for mill turning
    Contour-parallel Roughing
    Face Groove Plunging | strategies for mill turning
    Face Groove Plunging
    Finishing | strategies for mill turning
    Face Groove Finishing | strategies for mill turning
    Face Groove Finishing
    Groove Turning | strategies for mill turning
    Groove Turning
    Thread Cutting | strategies for mill turning
    Thread Cutting
    Groove Plunging/Parting off | strategies for mill turning
    Groove Plunging/Parting off
    Comprehensive drilling operations | strategies for mill turning
    Comprehensive drilling operations
    Groove Finishing | strategies for mill turning
    Groove Finishing


    • No need to change the programming environment
    • Greater accuracy and reduced setup times
    • Simple tool management
    • Turning and milling in one NC program: A shared postprocessor is used for the turning and milling operations
    • Collision safety across all cycles and for the entire component
    • Stock tracking across all operations: Stock tracking is also calculated for all turning and milling operations

    hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining: Workshop Demo Part | Grob

    This demo part was made at a hyperMILL MILL-TURN Machining workshop on a Grob G350T. The combination of milling and turning strategies offers many advantages like increased productivity and flexibility.