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Get Future-Ready with hyperMILL® Training! We're here to help you maximize your programming skills with hyperMILL®.

Whether you're just starting out or gaining more experience, OPEN MIND's training programs are your ticket to sharpening your skills. Our OPEN MIND experts provide practical insights and hands-on knowledge, helping you make the most of hyperMILL® in your daily tasks for the best results. By arming your team with the ability to effectively use advanced software, you're ensuring your company's success in the long run:

  • Achieve Better CAM Programming Results
  • Gain More Expertise for Increased Productivity
  • Motivate Your Team with Ongoing Learning

Your Call, Your Way

Reach out to us and explore both in-person and online classes options!

online training –

ONLINE Training

Engaging, Live, accessible anywhere!
Experience the future of learning with our small group online classes via Microsoft TEAMS. Our skilled trainers will guide you through hyperMILL®, providing hands-on practice and personal support. Learning has never been easier – join us and experience how productive learning works today!

präsenz training –

In-person Training

Whether you're just starting out or at an intermediate level, we've got your back!
Whether you're a beginner or intermediate programmer, OPEN MIND's in-house training programs are your gateway to honing your skills. Our experts provide practical insights and in-depth application knowledge, enabling you to maximize hyperMILL®  for optimal results in your daily work.

Level up with us today!

hypermill cam –

hyperMILL® Basic

Users learn hyperMILL® for 2D, 3D, 3+2 milling, and drilling. Training covers model import, CAD for CAM functions, creating tool paths, and simulating them.
Price: SGD$1200/day
Duration: 3 days - 9am to 5pm.
Maximum trainees: 4 pax per session.

hypermill 5-achs –

hyperMILL® 5-axis Advanced Training

Join OPEN MIND's 5-axis online course for mastery of core/cavity and surface cycles in hyperMILL®. Gain full control over simultaneous 5-axis operations. Learn advanced techniques like tool axis control, high-usage surface cycles, and effective roughing.
Price: SGD$1800/day
Duration: 2 days - 9am to 5pm
Maximum trainees: 4 pax per session.

Looking to invest in hyperMILL® training?

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