Networking and synchronisation with the CNC machine tool

    The hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining module ensures seamless networking between the CAM software and machine. One of the highlights is the bidirectional exchange of data with the machine controller, which means that data can be sent to the machine and also received from the machine.

    Connected Machining | NC simulation

    These days, anyone who deals with the issue of Smart Factory cannot ignore the need to achieve the best possible networking of CAM software and the CNC tool machine. For this purpose, the new hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining module provides a bidirectional exchange of data with the machine controller. This means that NC data can be sent to the machine, and data can also be received from the machine. As a result, the actual machining process is available to the user in the simulation – in real time. hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining ensures that the manufacturing and simulation are perfectly synchronised. Machining operations on the CNC machine tool are easily controlled via a laptop.

    Industry 4.0 | Digitalization

    Safety first

    In-depth networking – fully in the spirit of Smart Factory – also enhances safety in the machine set-up and in machining. Even before the machine starts, a safety concept is applied. Here, various machining and machine configurations such as zero-point definitions, tool data and configuration parameters are read from the machine controller and checked against the program data in hyperMILL®. The machine run will only start if the data matches and the collision check has been carried out successfully. If this is not the case, the reliable hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining safety mechanism prevents the transfer of NC programs to the machine and also stops the machine from starting.
    An additional safety feature: The NC programs are loaded directly into the memory of the controller. This stops the programs from being mixed up and protects them against unauthorised access.


    • Readout of datum point definitions, tool data and critical machine parameters from the controller, including comparison with the data stored in hyperMILL®
    • Quick NC program transfer
    • Remote control of CNC machines
    • Synchronisation of the simulation with the machine’s NC block
    • Reliable safety mechanisms

    Details on hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining

    Quick networking with the machine

    hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining seamlessly integrates into the existing user interface of the hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Center. The connection to the CNC machine can be easily created with the click of a mouse.

    Remote control

    Seamless interaction with the machine via remote computer. This means that the program can be easily started or stopped from a PC.

    Remote Control | CONNECTED Machining

    Convenient retract movements

    Thanks to hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining, even difficult retract movements can be carried out.

    Reliable safety mechanisms

    • Safe collision checking
    • Protection from unauthorised access
    • Comparison of machining parameters
    • Comparison of machine parameters
    • Machine does not start until after all safety mechanisms have been checked