Data sheets with production examples

    Data sheets with manufacturing examples of machine tool manufacturers such as Alzmetall, Chiron, Fidia, GF Machining Solutions, Willemin Macodel.

    The hyperMILL® CAM software offers a comprehensive range of machining strategies. hyperMILL® generates NC programs for manufacturing high-quality components of almost any type on almost any tool machine. The following data sheets show examples of successful manufacturing tasks in the area of turbomachinery.


    Alzmetall GS 650/5-T | Francis turbine | download

    Milled on a Alzmetall GS 650/5-T

    Francis turbine.
    PDF | 250 kB | 2017

    Francis turbine: Alzmetall GS 650/5-T | Datasheet


    Chiron DZ 12K S Magnum five axis high speed | Single Blade | download

    Milled on a Chiron DZ 12K S Magnum five axis high speed

    Single Blade.
    PDF | 220 kB | 2017

    Single Blade: Chiron DZ 12K S Magnum five axis high speed | Datasheet


    FIDIA PV 6060 20 | turbine blade | download

    Milled on a FIDIA PV 6060 20

    Turbine blade.
    PDF | 220 kB | 2017

    Turbine blade: FIDIA PV 6060 20 | Datasheet

    GF Machining Solutions

    GF MIKRON HPM 800U | impeller | download

    Milled on a GF MIKRON HPM 800U

    PDF | 280 kB | 2017

    Impeller: GF MIKRON HPM 800U | Datasheet

    Willemin Macodel

    Willemin-Macodel W-518 TB | single blade | download

    Milled on a Willemin-Macodel W-518 TB

    Single blade.
    PDF | 340 kB | 2017

    Single blade: Willemin-Macodel W-518 TB | Datasheet