Powerful CAM Solution for Lasting Company Success

CAM software primarily supplies perfect NC programs for machine tools. But not all CAM is the same: There are often considerable differences in the machining strategies, programming re­qui­red, actual machining times, and surface qualities.

Discover the power of hyperMILL® – the innovative CAM software from OPEN MIND. Find out how important it is to be able to integrate a CAM system into existing manufacturing processes in or­der to drive digital processes forward in your company – because this is the only way to achieve sustainable competitiveness.


What is CAM software?

CAM stands for computer-aided manufacturing.

CAM software is used to develop programs for a variety of CNC machines such as milling and turning machines, for example, or machines for cutting edge machining or additive manufacturing.

CAD and CAM – hand in hand

No CAM system can get by without CAD. The CAD software displays the 3D model and passes all necessary information about the component to the CAM system. Additional modeling aids for programming or changes to the CAD model are part of the daily routine of a CAM user.

With the CAD functionalities software in its hyperMILL software, OPEN MIND offers a powerful CAD solution (formerly hyperCAD®-S) specifically for the requirements of CAM programmers. This is CAD for CAM! Are you keen to integrate hyperMILL® CAM software into your existing CAD system? OPEN MIND also offers solutions for this in the form of CAD integrations for the two leading systems Autodesk® Inventor® and SOLIDWORKS.


hyperMILL® for CAD for CAM

OPEN MIND developed its own CAD basis (formerly hyperCAD®-S) that is perfectly tailored to its hyperMILL® CAM software. The CAM specialist is fully focused on the needs of NC programmers.

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SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software and hyperMILL® for SOLIDWORKS – the CAM program as a powerful CAD integration – work together to speed up design and manufacturing processes. This ensures products reach the market faster.

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hyperMILL® for Autodesk® Inventor®

Autodesk® Inventor® CAD software and hyperMILL® for Autodesk® Inventor® – the CAM program as a powerful CAD integration – the two make a perfect team when it comes to significantly speeding up design and manufacturing processes.

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NC code fuels the machine

Generating the NC code is one of the most important tasks of a CAM sys­tem. The virtual toolpaths are converted into real movements for the CNC machine, and an NC program is created.

The important thing here is to adapt the NC code to the individual properties of each machine. This is provided by OPEN MIND’s unique postprocessor technology.

In keeping with the motto “trust is good, control is better”, the ma­chi­ne movements must first be simulated on the computer. hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining represents an exception here. While other sys­tems use internal CAM data for simulation, OPEN MIND uses the ge­ne­ra­ted NC code to simulate the movement sequences precisely – to ensure the greatest degree of safety during manufacturing.


How powerful does a CAM system need to be?

Not all CAM software is the same – the scope of functions offered varies considerably. Some systems only support a few manufacturing processes, while other systems offer a broad range of machining strategies.

hyperMILL® from OPEN MIND is an extraordinarily powerful CAM solution for milling, turning, and drilling operations. Are you interested in other manufacturing processes? hyperMILL® also scores high here with it strategies for special 5‑axis machining, additive material application, or wire EDM.



2.5D Milling

2.5D Milling

3D Milling

3D Milling

High Precision Machining

High Precision Machining

5-axis Milling

5-axis Milling

hyperMILL MAXX Machining

High-Performance Cutting



TURNING Solutions

Mill Turning

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

KNIFE Cutting

Ultrasonic Cutting

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Are you ready for digital manufacturing?

Industry 4.0 means providing and processing information anywhere and at any time. This is the only way to digitally control and automate your manufacturing processes.

hyperMILL® is a true team player here. The CAM software offers interfaces for networking with tool ma­na­ge­ment, control, and simulation systems.

hyperMILL® plays a key role in the process chain when it comes to working smoothly with other systems – such as a PLM system or even an MES system like Hummingbird.


How to Implement CAM Software

Proper implementation of CAM software poses many challenges


A CAM system for a variety of industries

Although the products and requirements in individual industries differ, all industries have one thing in common, which is that they need safe NC programs for their CNC machines. CAM systems must always meet the highest quality and productivity standards regardless of whether series production or the manufacturing of single parts is involved.

Our customers have been using hyperMILL® to master their daily challenges successfully for over 25 years – in every industry, including tool and mold making, production machining, model construction and prototyping, aerospace, automotive, motor sports, medical engineering, and the energy sector.


Modelling and Prototyping

At low unit volumes, the CAM software must ensure low-cost programming and production.

CAM software for Models Prototypes

Mold and Die

Having the right CAM solution helps overcome the challenges faced in production.

CAM software for Mold Die

Production Machining

CAM solutions have to be highly flexible to efficiently mill different components.

CAM software for Production Machining

Compressors, Pumps, Turbines

The machining of impellers and blisks places high demands on CAM software.

CAM software for Turbomachinery


CAM software helps the aerospace sector gain a critical edge in the face of tough competition.

CAM software for Aeropace


The choice of the optimal CAD/CAM system is a critical success factor also for the Automotive Industry.

CAM software for Automotive


Manufacturers in this branch interested in producing high-end components should choose a high-end CAM system.

CAM software for Motorsport

Medical Device Industry

Premium manufacturing quality is crucial to securing a greater quality of life for patients.

CAM software for Medical Sector

Watches Jewelry

CAM systems have become indispensable to the watch and jewelry industry.

CAM software for Watches Jewelry
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