hyperMILL® KNIFE Cutting

The complete CAM solution for ultrasonic cutting with oscillating tangential cutting blades. In combination with proven milling strategies, the advantages of both technologies can be tapped into in a single user interface.

Many industries are investing in cutting-edge technology in order to further boost the performance of vehicles, airplanes, and wind turbines. The positive properties of composite materials have become an indispensable part of modern technology. They are very stable, durable, and offer good insulation values against extreme temperatures as well as noise – not to mention their incredibly low weight. Efficient ma­chining of honeycombs, fiber optic material, carbon fiber material, and foams requires the right technology and tools.

Programming ultrasonic cutting with hyperMILL®

Cutting blade machining for contour cutting is simply programmed via a 6-axis strategy and can be used immediately. hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining provides a real NC code simulation to reliably bring chal­len­ging 6axis machining to the machine. The Optimizer automatically controls the correct orientation of the cutting blade via the sixth axis in the spindle. It also guarantees optimal machining within the machine limits for machines with limited rotation axes, such as fork head machines. Hazardous rotations and retract movements are prevented.

6-axis Knife Cutting and Milling | Hufschmied

This video shows 6-axis knife cutting with a ultrasound blade and milling of a honeycomb structure. Knife cutting and milling was programmed with hyperMILL®.

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Advantages at a glance

  • Complete machining: for programming ultrasonic cutting and milling in a single user interface.
  • Reliable and more efficient processes: thanks to real NC code simulation and digital twin of the machine.
  • Convenient user interface: CAM and CAD are perfectly coordinated; intelligent automated functions facilitate intuitive handling.

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