For beginners and intermediate users

hyperMILL® training courses make you fit for your future! We work with you to get the most out of your programming with hyperMILL®.

Thanks to our flexible training courses, there is a suitable training course for every hyperMILL® programmer. Acquire and deepen your know­ledge – experienced trainers provide practice-oriented knowledge so that you can immediately use our CAD/CAM technologies effectively and productively. This enables you to exploit the full potential of hyperMILL®.

There are a series of remote, group training classes as listed on our web site. Additional specific trainings, or any training can be performed at the customer location and focused on the user needs and machines. Many customers opt for a combination of standard remote training and in-person customized training and implementation.

Always up to date

Manufacturing processes are changing. A modern CAD/CAM soft­ware solution helps you to master these challenges smoothly. However, only well-qualified users can use the latest technologies productively in the long term. Therefore, always stay up to date with the latest technology and attend our trainings regularly!


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