Comprehensive support.

The OPEN MIND support staff can assist customers beyond traditional tech support and implementation questions, providing complete support in areas such as:

  • NC programming
  • Effective use of hyperMILL® milling technologies
  • Designing CAD models

OPEN MIND service teams are available to help customers be successful with our CAD/CAM products. The local service teams work directly with end-users whether its by phone, email or remote sessions. OPEN MIND specialists also interact with our headquarters and the respective engineering, product management and development teams.



Support for UK customer

Current version
hyperCAD®-S / hyperMILL® 2023.2 | Update 4


Software updates

Support customers receive all detailed information and the download link for the latest software version from the Support area.

Support customers can also request the software on DVD here.

Remote Support

With TeamViewer technology: What's to do?

  • Push the button / link “TeamViewer”.
  • Download and execute the file “TeamViewerQS.exe”.
  • Please share the ID and password with the OPEN MIND support.
  • The connection is ready and the remote maintenance will start.

More User Assistance

Software Requirements

Software Requirements



Your Questions – Our Answers

What information does OPEN MIND support need from me?

In order to find a solution as quickly as possible, OPEN MIND always needs the respective files along with a detailed description of the error to carry out an in-depth analysis of the issues. If possible, please simplify the file to reduce its size and to focus on the technical question. Please follow this checklist:

hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S

Please send us the ShopViewer file:

  • Under File –> Save as… select the file type “SHOP Viewer Document” and save this *.hmc file under a new name.
  • Make sure that the properties are also saved under the settings.

hyperMILL® in another CAD platform

Please send the respective process file with the applicable *.hvz file:

  • hyperVIEW -> “File” menu -> “Save as” function -> *.hvz format
  • Please ensure that the checkboxes for “With postprocessor” and “With machine model” are activated before saving.

Always provide precise version information, including service packs, for hyperMILL® and the CAD platform.

How secure is my data when I send it to support?

OPEN MIND support works with the latest IT systems available on the market. The renowned, Web-based process management tool that OPEN MIND uses ensures, for example, that all reported problems and requests are sent to the correct location quickly and accurately. The system automatically updates you of the latest developments by e-mail.

Our IT is protected by the very latest in security technology. All data is checked for current threats from viruses and worms on a regular basis. We can check who at OPEN MIND has access to your data at all times. All changes to data and authorisations are thoroughly logged in detail and recorded in a change history to ensure maximum data security.

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