hyperMILL® – your crucial piece for your connected manufacturing environment!

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships,” Michael Jordan once said. Today, modern manufacturing is unthinkable without a powerful CAM system that smoothly interfaces with all your software solutions to help make your business succeed.

A CAM system is a basic requirement for creating NC programs for your CNC machines. And if you want to achieve a seamless flow of information and leverage synergies, the CAM system must be capable of more: It must also connect with other systems and areas.

This is exactly what hyperMILL® does, because it perfectly connects with all important processes across the various manufacturing areas through integrations, interfaces and built-in innovations. So stop compromising and connect your manufacturing with the best systems using hyperMILL®! We support you in planning and implementing your digital manufacturing environment according to your specific requirements.

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Would you do without the ABS system in your car? Of course not. And, along the same vein, you should not compromise when it comes to simulating your NC programs!

For complex machining operations, reliable simulation and collision control is a must, because this is the only way to protect your machines – and reinforce the confidence of your employees.

The NC programs you generate control all the movement sequences your machines perform. Therefore, you should simulate these programs, too. A machine model, the so-called digital twin, virtually maps the machining process, giving you transparency down to the smallest detail. This is exactly what hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining is for – an NC code simulation that is perfectly aligned with hyperMILL® and provides the basis for reliable NC code generation. OPEN MIND is a solution provider that ensures an unprecedented level of consistency from CAD data import to the manufacturing process on the machine.

hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining closes the gap between CAM system and real machine environment – providing an unprecedented level of process control and optimization. Rely on an end-to-end software solution instead of standalone systems, and reduce software maintenance efforts and system discontinuities. At the same time, hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining simplifies the prove-out of new parts and increases the confidence of your employees during programming and at the machine.

How you benefit from hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining

  • Cutting-edge NC code generation
  • Simulation based on NC code
  • Inclusion of process-relevant CAM information
  • Comprehensive analysis options
  • Simple operation
  • Independent simulation and collision checking
  • All tool paths and connecting paths are simulated
  • Machine, holder, tool, model, and blank are checked

You already have an external simulation solution in use?

Companies that rely on special simulation software can take NC programs created with hyperMILL® and simulate them there. In addition to the NC program, all required data, such as stock and tool information, is transferred directly from hyperMILL® to the simulation system. Thanks to the interface, the effort required to move the data is kept very low.

Leave simulation testing to the Hummingbird MES

NC program verification can also be integrated with Hummingbird’s manufacturing execution system (MES). The MES controls the individual process steps and calls up the simulation and collision control independently in the background. This ensures the automated simulation of all NC programs. Testing of the NC programs takes place independently on a simulation server. After a successful collision check, the NC program is released for machining in the Hummingbird MES. This means that the simulation process stage is fully logged, traceable and safe.

How good are your NC programs?

In manufacturing, where every second counts, you check and optimize with high precision. In this context, it always makes sense to utilize automatic NC code optimization, no matter how high the requirements and how great the experience of the programmer.

Optimization of the NC program does not always have to aim at speeding up machining. Especially for machines with complex kinematics or limited axes, it is also important to determine whether a given program can actually be executed. Often the programming effort quite extensive, or certain machining operations are simply not feasible. This is where the hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Optimizer enters the stage. It analyzes the NC program during NC code generation and optimally adapts it to the kinematic properties of the machine. The optimal positions are set automatically, optimized link movements between individual operations are generated, and any clearance movements that are needed are added for limited-function machines. The result is reliable NC code that also helps save time through motion optimization.

How you benefit from hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Optimizer

  • Simplified programming
  • Automatic solution selection
  • Automatically generated connection movements
  • Change to different solution in the event of an axis limitation
  • Optimized movement if there is a risk of collision
  • Automatically generated clearance movements
  • Reduced auxiliary processing times

Are you using a special solution for feed optimization?

Companies where every second counts often rely on subsequent optimization of the NC code. A special software solution analyzes the expected cutting conditions and adjusts feeds and speeds accordingly. hyperMILL® can provide these special solutions with all data they need at the touch of a button via an interface.

How Do Your NC Programs Get onto the Machine?

Simply transfer the data? Well, it is not quite that simple. Companies must meet various requirements: reliable data transmission, security against confusion, auditability, and traceability.

There are several ways to bring an NC program to the machine. Which one you choose depends largely on the requirements in your company. A USB stick or network connection are the easiest ways to transfer data. Following this, the NC program is directly available at the machine control and can be run.

But what if the number of your programming stations, machines, and components to be manufactured increases? This can quickly lead to confusion. Mix-ups occur, and secure data management becomes increasingly difficult. Therefore, you should take a closer look at the supposedly easy task of “data transfer to the machine.”

Simply design this process according to your requirements – hyperMILL® provides you with reliable connectivity solutions for this.

Data transmission characteristics

  • hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining: solution for bidirectional communication
  • Process integration with the manufacturing execution system from Hummingbird
  • Uniform data transfer to all controller types: no need for third-party DNC programms
  • Creation of reliable and secure processes

Data transfer, monitoring, and control of the machine directly from hyperMILL®.

hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining, in conjunction with hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining, enables a bidirectional connection between CAM system and machine. In addition to NC program transfer, hyperMILL® also provides you with other unique innovative functions. Tool and origin information as well as machine parameter settings can be read out and compared with the requirements defined in the N code.
Moreover, information can be transferred from the CAM system to the machine. For example, tool information is transmitted directly from hyperMILL® to the controller. At the same time, the simulation can be synchronized in real time with the actual machine movement, and the machine can be controlled via the PC.

This allows you to build a continuous and secure process from CAM programming all the way to machine control. Programmers who are heavily involved in machine operation benefit particularly from hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining.

How you benefit from hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining

  • Access to and transfer of NC programs directly to the control system
  • Transfer of tool data to the controller
  • Reading out process-relevant parameters of the machine (tool and origin information)
  • Real-time synchronization of the simulation with the actual machine movements
  • Remote control of the machine

Control and manage your NC programs easily and transparently with Hummingbird MES

Does your company require processes to be set up in such a way that you can completely trace the use of your NC programs at any time? These and many other requirements can be met with the manufacturing execution system (MES) from Hummingbird. Once your NC programming is complete, the manufacturing management system takes over.
All necessary information is automatically transferred from hyperMILL® to the Hummingbird MES, which takes care of all other processes. All steps are traceable, logged, and adhere to a predefined structure. This allows you to plan and control your production processes perfectly and leave nothing to chance!

Your advantages when using the Hummingbird MES

  • Control of the simulation check
  • Control of post-processing (multi-machine output)
  • Transfer of the NC program to the controller
  • Inclusion of all process-relevant CAM information
  • Data management: NC programs, CAM projects, and manufacturing information
  • Logging of the individual process steps

Does component alignment take up a lot of time?

hyperMILL® BEST FIT empowers you to perform component alignment in the CAM system. This will save you time and avoid costly mistakes. A solution that is as smart as it is reliable.

Every manufacturer has to deal with the topic of component alignment. The complexity and time required vary depending on the component. Particularly with cast, preforged stock, or additively printed components, the effort required for alignment is enormous. hyperMILL® BEST FIT delivers intelligent component alignment at the push of a button, making alignment efficient and safe. Adapt the virtual world (programming) to the real world (clamping), and not the other way around.
The advantages are plain to see: vast time savings, safe machining, and reproducible results. So why not put hyperMILL® BEST FIT to work for you?

How you benefit from hyperMILL® BEST FIT

  • Access to an efficient solution integrated in hyperMILL®
  • Simulation and collision check of the actual component position in the virtual machine
  • Safe machining of all component areas
  • Reproducible results

Do you have your data under control?

To err is human, but incorrect design data causes more than just headaches. Secure data management eliminates errors and speeds up your manufacturing processes.

The requirements for a data management solution increase with the size of the company and the processes that need to be mapped. CAM programming starts with gaining access to the design data of the component to be manufactured. During programming, other data such as CAM project data and NC programs are created and must be integrated. Depending on your requirements, you may need to transfer this data to a central system or store the data at any location of your choosing. If changes are made to the design data during CAM programming, this will inevitably lead to chaos. Link hyperMILL® with suitable data management solutions to keep all processes under control.

How you benefit from managing data with hyperMILL®

  • Interfaces to PLM systems
  • Interface in SAP FCTR
  • Integration of the Hummingbird manufacturing execution system (MES)

Access your PLM system directly from hyperMILL®! Thanks to the hyperMILL® PLM Connector, hyperMILL® can be included in end-to-end processes and workflows.

In addition to the integration of all information in the lifecycle of products, the control of processes and the mapping of organizational structures are also important aspects of a product lifecycle management system (PLM). Therefore, include hyperMILL® in your PLM IT landscape and benefit from CAD/CAM–PLM interaction throughout the entire product lifecycle! Drawings on paper become a thing of the past because your CAD/CAM department obtains the required data directly and from your PLM system in an audit-proof format.

The hyperMILL® PLM Connector will change the way you work in your company. Job steps no longer have to be strictly linear according to the traditional sequence design, program, manufacture. Instead, programmers are automatically informed about a new revision status of the design data, making design changes possible and permissible during programming. This allows you to manufacture faster, more flexibly, and with fewer errors.

The hyperMILL® PLM Connector is available for the following PLM systems:

  • PTC Windchill
  • Siemens Teamcenter

How you benefit from data management with a PLM solution and hyperMILL®

  • Digital data management
  • Drawing-free CAD/CAM process chain
  • Audit-proof data access from within hyperMILL®
  • Central management of hyperMILL® project data, even across locations
  • High process automation across many departments
  • Flexible CAD/CAM workflow thanks to real-time information from the PLM system

Hummingbird MES: Set up your data management according to your requirements!

Hummingbird’s manufacturing execution system (MES) gives companies what they need to create a centralized and customized data management solution. Due to the modular design of the Hummingbird MES, it can also be used to set up a standalone data management solution. Just as with a PLM solution, you benefit from hyperMILL® integration in Hummingbird, making time-consuming data search and storage a thing of the past.
One-click launches either hyperMILL® or our viewer solutions directly from the Hummingbird system and get to work right away. Once programming in hyperMILL® is complete, all CAM project data is transferred back to the MES. This means you can manage your NC programs in addition to your completed CAM projects.

How you benefit from data management with the Hummingbird MES and hyperMILL®

  • Individual processes
  • Central storage of all CAD and CAM data
  • Launch hyperMILL® and associated viewer solutions directly from the Hummingbird system
  • Management is logged and traceable

Information at the right time, in the right place, based on a single database

The ability to share data across departments is a success factor that should not be underestimated. Different departments need to view and process CAD and CAM data in different ways.

Benefit from OPEN MIND’s viewer solutions and optimize the flow of information in your company by allowing all departments to access a harmonized data pool.
The advantage: This does away with any other intermediate formats, and all departments always work using up-to-date information.
Requirements differ depending on the size of a company. For example, the work preparation, purchasing, quotation creation teams and other team leaders use the hyperCAD®-S Viewer to display CAD data.
The hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer is intended for companies that have their own programming department and want to improve the flow of information all the way to the machine. This empowers your machine operators to open and simulate CAM data and view all process-relevant information.

How you benefit from the viewer solutions

  • Improved flow of information and communication within the company
  • Easy provision of information to different departments
  • Work based on a harmonized data pool without the need for intermediate formats
  • No wasteful use of full-fledged CAD systems for simple tasks
  • Digitization in the company; paperless manufacturing
  • Easy integration into other software environments such as the Hummingbird manufacturing execution system (MES)

hyperCAD®-S Viewer

Powerful solution for easy and fast viewing of CAD data with extensive analysis and measurement functions

  • Comprehensive CAD interfaces, also to native formats
  • Display of electrode data
  • Display of product manufacturing information (PMI)
  • Analysis functions for undercuts, curvature, quality
  • Measurement functions and dimensions
  • Print options
  • Real-time information, as the original data is opened read-only (no saving possible)
  • Update message in case of changes to original data

hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer

The solution for machine operators: Display of complete CAM data and full simulation

  • NC code simulation
  • Complete display of all CAM data (milling parameters and technology data)
  • Access to all information contained in the CAD model
  • Simple construction aids, for example, to measure elements
  • Communication via mark-up function between hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer and hyperMILL® programmer
  • All information is digitized, paving your way to paperless manufacturing
  • Real-time information, as the original data is opened read-only (no saving possible)
  • Update message in case of changes to original data

The viewer solutions can be integrated into the Hummingbird MES and launched directly from there. Clicking a corresponding action will start the viewer with the order data. This integration means that users do not need to manually call up the viewer and the respective data.

How do you find the right tool and technology data?

Use your time productively instead of wasting it on needless searches for the right tool or suitable technology data. Efficient and secure management minimizes your time investment and increases productivity.

Tool management has a high priority in hyperMILL®. Not only because it facilitates the search for tools and cutting values, but also because it helps to use this information efficiently during NC programming. The tool database can be created individually and supports a large range of definitions. For example, a wide variety of materials can be defined for a tool and assigned technology uses.
During programming, the technology data is then automatically retrieved based on the intended use, and the CAM programmer no longer has to worry about speeds, feeds, infeeds, plunge angles or coolant usage. Save this manufacturing knowledge to make it accessible to all programmers!

How your tool management benefits from hyperMILL®

  • Individual management of tool and technology data
  • Time saving during programming and tool selection
  • Digital mapping of the tools as a 3D model
  • Definition of milling, drilling, and turning tools: tool type, holder, extension, inserts, insert holder
  • Store technology and manufacturing knowledge and make it accessible throughout the company
  • Avoid mistakes due to incorrect information
  • Extensive interfaces and integration of external providers

Teamwork is the key to success – seamlessly import your manufacturer’s tool data!

In addition to tool geometry, tool manufacturers also supply you with extensive technology data. Thanks to our close cooperation with numerous manufacturers, you can easily import tool geometry and technology data into the hyperMILL® tool database. In this way, you can quickly and easily create a comprehensive database with all the relevant information in line with manufacturer recommendations.
Many tool manufacturers offer the option of downloading tool data from their websites. Import 3D tool and technology data into the hyperMILL® tool database with a single click.

Our tool partners:

Do you rely on central tool management? Thanks to extensive integration, you can access your management system directly from hyperMILL®.

Organizations that require overarching processes for managing tools often rely on an enterprise-wide tool management system. Different departments work closely together and maintain all information in a single system. After all, tool information is needed at various points in the company. And this setup also allows for managing commercial or planning and administrative processes in such a system.

hyperMILL® offers you two different ways to access your tool management system. Programmers either select a tool including all necessary technology data directly from the management system and program using this data. Or the tools can be imported from the management system into the hyperMILL® tool database and used in the familiar way. Rely on our integration, which enables you to work with the following management systems.

Our partners for tool management:

How much effort does it take you to import 3D tool data into your tool database?

Turning tools in particular can be very complex. Therefore, detailed mapping is essential. The hyperMILL® TOOL Builder supports you in creating tools and minimizes the effort considerably. Simply import the 3D data of your tools and assemble the tool in a few simple steps. Once completed, the holders or tools are then stored directly in the hyperMILL® tool database, where they can be provided with further technology data.

How you benefit from working with the hyperMILL® TOOL Builder

  • Intuitive operation
  • Creation of 3D tools with a few clicks
  • Simple and clear configuration of the tool components

Digitize, Connect, Automate

Digitization and Connectivity of the various systems in a manufacturing company create far-reaching opportunities for process automation. The important thing here is that all systems are real team players.

When you think of automation, you should not limit your scope to NC programming. To achieve modern, connected manufacturing, you must also include the process steps that lie in-between the different systems in the company. Therefore, your CAM system must integrate perfectly into the IT system landscape. This is precisely the strength of hyperMILL®, because it perfectly integrates with all manufacturing areas thanks to a wide range of interfaces and integrations. In addition, hyperMILL® offers extensive options for automating and accelerating NC programming.
So, what else stands in the way of automating your manufacturing environment? Contact us!

How you benefit from using hyperMILL® in your IT system landscape

  • Perfect integration
  • Global program-related processes can be automated
  • Control of hyperMILL® processes
  • Automated NC programming

Automate your NC programming and speed up your processes!

hyperMILL® automation technology helps you save time and standardize processes. In addition to reducing the programming effort, this technology also helps to avoid errors. CAM programmers have a variety of closely interlinked technologies at their disposal to automate individual or complex processes. This makes it easy to define and adhere to manufacturing standards.

Strategies that prove successful can thus be turned into best practices. Valuable programming know-how is retained, and even less experienced employees can achieve optimal CAM programming results.

Feature and macro technology is an important tool for successful automation

Thanks to the feature and macro technology in hyperMILL®, geometry information from the CAD model can be automatically used for CAM programming. The manufacturing knowledge required to process the recognized features is stored in macros and can be called up automatically when needed. All necessary technology data is automatically available in the tool database.

Today, many companies around the world already rely on the automation solutions offered by hyperMILL® and have been able to reduce the amount of programming required by up to 90 percent. When will you join?

How you benefit from hyperMILL® automation technology

  • Automation of individual steps or entire process sequences
  • Extensive CAD/CAM process automation
  • Strong feature and macro technology in milling and turning
  • Consulting and implementation by the OPEN MIND automation experts

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