hyperMILL® for Semiconductor Equipment: High-End CAM meets High-End Industry

The semiconductor market is experiencing an exceptional growth rate, with manufacturers and suppliers facing increasingly demanding requirements every day. Versatility, consistency and reliability are crucial when it comes to High-Mix Low-Volume production at such high-quality standards. Only a high-end CAM system can do that. Therefore, for a successful future: No high-end industry without high-end CAM.

Equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing can be classified into three main categories: wafer fabrication, assembly and test equipment, including components such as vacuum chambers, wafer handling components or plastic manifolds. The diversity of parts is huge, and our discussion includes prototyping, small-batch production runs, as well as series manufacturing.

Using the right CAM system plays a major role when optimizing your manufacturing processes. hyperMILL® is versatile and reliable and gives you everything you need to be successful in this fast growing market.

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hyperMILL® 5-axis Machining – Housing
hyperMILL® 5-axis Machining: Semiconductor Equipment – Housing
hyperMILL® 5-axis Machining – Housing
hyperMILL® 5-axis Machining: Semiconductor Equipment – Housing

hyperMILL® for Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing

  • Versatile CAM Solution for simple and complex tasks
  • Unique NC Code Simulation and Optimizer
  • Best-in-Class Post Processors developed in-house
  • First-hand service and support
  • Perfectly integrated into your system environment

hyperMILL® – Versatile and reliable at the same time.

The semiconductor market requires components having a variety of shapes and sizes. hyperMILL® can efficiently program all those geometries and ensure safe machining processes. Prismatic parts with many holes and pockets can be programmed with just a few clicks, thanks to our Feature and Macro Technology. You benefit from state-of-the-art technologies for both 3+2 and 5-axis simultaneous operations, allowing parts to be machined in a single setup. hyperMILL® also provides efficient solutions to program your multitasking machines, such as mill-turn centers or turn-mill machines.

Safely generate, optimize, and simulate NC code

Safe and repeatable processes are a necessity when producing high value components. That is why we developed a unique solution to generate, optimize and simulate your NC codes. hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining offers all the traditional options for simulation as well as a powerful NC Optimizer. The machine simulation is carried out on a digital twin model including axis limits and machine reference locations. During NC code generation, the Optimizer evaluates the NC program and adjusts it according to the kinematic characteristics of your machine for optimal results. All post processors and simulation technologies are developed in-house to ensure reliable and secure processes for our customers.

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hyperMILL® for Semiconductor Equipment
High-End CAM meets High-End Industry

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Challenging materials – no problem!

The semiconductor industry incorporates a wide range of materials, such as specialized plastics, metals, and ceramics. These are not always easy to machine, especially to achieve high-quality standards. Proven technology parameters are crucial for success. The tool database in hyperMILL® enables users to manage tools of all types. Every tool can be linked with technology data. By customizing the speed and feed values based on the specific machining application, such as roughing or finishing, hyperMILL® helps store and protect company standards in a central database accessible to all programmers.
The advantage: Only proven, efficient tools and machining values are used.

High-Quality or High-Performance? Both!

The semiconductor industry is known for its uncompromising standards when it comes to cleanliness, surface quality, and dimensional accuracy. However, achieving these high standards requires more than just attention to detail; it also requires the right toolpath. With hyperMILL®'s CAM strategies and functionalities, you can achieve your production goals day in and day out. Thanks to hyperMILL® MAXX Machining - a set of High-Performance strategies, you can accelerate your roughing and finishing operations while maintaining all quality standards that the industry demands.

So why settle for anything less? Choose hyperMILL® for your semiconductor equipment production needs and experience the difference firsthand.




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