Tool database / VIRTUAL Tool of hyperMILL®

It takes a CAM system that delivers comprehensive tool management for all relevant technology data in order to optimally harmonize machine, tool, and NC programming.

The extensive tool database in hyperMILL® enables users to manage tools of all types from drills and milling cutters through to complex turning tools. All tools can be mapped virtually and linked with technology data.

Depending on the machining application, speed and feed values can be controlled with maximum precision. Individual process data for materials and applications can also be stored and manufacturing standards are stored in a central database for easy access by any programmer. The advantage: Only proven, efficient tools and machining values are used.

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  • Time saving during programming and tool selection
  • Optimal processes thanks to reliable technology data
  • Central management of tools, holders, workholding and technology data
  • Digital mapping of tools in the CAM system for the purpose of simulation and collision checking
  • Extensive interfaces to tool manufacturer databases

hyperMILL® delivers interfaces to the tool databases of various manufacturers. Tool data, partly with 3D CAD data and technology values can be loaded directly from TDM, Zoller TMS, WinTool, NC Simul Tool and Cimsource. An information about used tools in hyperMILL® can be written back to the mentioned systems. Furthermore, many cutting tool manufacturers offer a download of tool components and technology data in their online catalogs, which can be imported directly into the tool database.
hyperMILL® TOOL Builder can quickly and easily import 3D data from tools and holders and use these to define a tool.

hyperMILL TOOL Builder – <em>hyper</em>MILL<sup>®</sup> TOOL Builder: simple tool definition.

hyperMILL® TOOL Builder: simple tool definition.

VIRTUAL Tool – Always the Right Tool and Machining Strategy

VIRTUAL Tool is a powerful and highly customizable solution for automatic tool selection when using feature and macro technology. Machining processes are controlled via user-defined rules that are automatically adapted to the existing tools in the tool database. If the preferred tool is missing, an alternative tool is selected and machining is adjusted accordingly.

Features of VIRTUAL Tool

  • VIRTUAL Tool always combines the best tool and machining strategy from all tool and macro databases.
  • Using various machining parameters, VIRTUAL Tool not only determines the best tool for any given job, but it can also change machining sequences and decide whether thread forming, tapping, or thread milling is most appropriate for the material to be processed.
  • It can be used for the automatic machining of all standard geometries such as holes, pockets or T-slots.
  • Machines, tool holders and predefined tool change archives are taken into account.
  • New tools created in the tool database are automatically used if they are more suitable for machining than the existing tools.
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