hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S

With hyperCAD®-S, OPEN MIND has developed CAD software that is perfectly tailored to its hyperMILL® CAM software. The CAM specialist is fully focused on the needs of NC programmers.

CAM programmers use CAD systems differently from most engineers and designers. The traditional CAD tasks for CAM programmers include: selecting, adding, deleting, modifying, showing and hiding points, curves and faces. Another task is to generate ruled, filling and offset faces that must always meet the highest standards of quality.

Only a CAM developer can do CAD for CAM.

With hyperCAD®-S, OPEN MIND has created a CAD solution that is fully oriented to the requirements of CAM users. Efficient CAM programming is of primary importance and it is the job of the CAD system to provide perfect support for this.

hyperCAD®-S comes with unique, CAM-specific functions and thus forms a new standard among CAD systems. For example, the toolpaths that are typical for CAM programming are also a separate element type just like lines or faces.

Designed with hyperCAD®-S.
Programmed with hyperMILL®.

The Italian Bike – Design, Programming and Manufacturing.
Innovation, Experience and Passion.

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“At last, we have a CAD system for CAM programmers!”

Stefan Nagel
Deputy Managing Director of Kiefer Werkzeug- und Vorrichtungsbau
Pfullingen, Germany

Ground-breaking CAD/CAM integration

hyperCAD®-S impresses with a very streamlined user interface and a comprehensive interface package. Consistently implemented 64-bit technology and the powerful CAD kernel allow for lightning-fast transition to the CAM area. Direct access to all CAD functions has a noticeable effect on the overall performance of the CAD/CAM system.

This ground-breaking CAD/CAM integration enables more efficient CAD processes and unrestricted CAM programming. hyperMILL® CAM software benefits directly from hyperCAD®-S and its unprecedented functional scope. This allows hyperMILL® programmers to get the most out of their machines and saving time in the process.



CAD for CAM.


Features of CAD software hyperCAD®-S

Innovative from the core

The innovations start in the system kernel. It contains different element types for lines and faces, such as cylindrical, plane, free-form, rotational and various other faces. The advantage: In NC programming, all cylindrical faces – and therefore all drill holes, divided again according to specific diameter, can be combined elegantly and processed efficiently with the same drilling strategy. Toolpaths, polygon meshes, point clouds, rectangles and workflows are greatly accelerated by shifting the most common CAM-related elements to the CAD kernel. This greatly accelerates processes.

Intelligent architecture

hyperCAD®-S was designed for Windows. The new database offers intelligent element management. In addition to familiar filters, such as for layers and colors, it is also possible to filter according to geometric, system-based and user-defined properties.

Modern user interface

hyperCAD®-S has been presented as a graphically modern, clearly arranged interface that is user-friendly for efficiently and quickly learning and understanding. Self-explanatory icons make working with the software intuitive from the very start.

Very important for CAM users: hyperCAD®-S supports any number of freely definable workplanes, which can be saved with transformation/rotation data and can be selected as a reference. As many operator workstations are equipped with touchscreens, the toolbars and commands can also be operated via a touchscreen.

Customizable filter functions

In addition to familiar properties, such as layer and color, the most common geometric and system properties are available as user-defined filters. Graphic entities can be linked using tags, similar to keywords. This makes it easy to filter all the information regarding the CAD model.

Comprehensive interface package
  • Standard
    3MF (3D Manufacturing Format)
    DXF/DWG - Open
    JT model data
    OBJ Wavefront
    Point clouds (asc pt txt xyz)
    PRC (Product Representation Compact)
    STEP (AP 203, AP 214, AP242)
  • Direct
    Autodesk® Inventor®
    Catia V4, V5, V6 (3D)
    PTC Creo Parametric, PTC Creo
    Siemens NX
    Solid Edge
  • 3D-PDF
    Point cloud
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