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hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining

hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Center is a perfect virtual representation of the machine reality based on real NC data, it provides networking between the machine and hyperMILL® to provide an unprecedented level of process control and optimisation. This is an important step to Smart Factory.
It will increase your confidence in running projects.

Matthew Coulson Sales Manager
Corey Jamieson Application Engineer

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hyperMILL® a CAM system that unleashes your creativity in CAM and increase productivity

In this free live webinar, we present how hyperMILL® unleashes your creativity and increases your productivity.

The aim of the webinar is to provide a tutorial on the features of hyperMILL® that sets it apart from competitive CAM solutions

Simon Docker Sales Manager
Domonic Prinsloo Application Engineer

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OPEN MIND Technologies UK Company Profile Webinar 2020

In this short company profile webinar, you will learn about the company DNA for your long term investment.

To know as a partner, we share you’re the same reasons going forward. Not only at a global level, but where it counts with local support in the UK.

Adrian Smith
Managing Director, OPEN MIND Technologies UK

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Tips and Tricks Getting the most out of your hyperMILL® | Part Two

Following on from the highly successful Tips and Tricks webinar in May 2020 we have been asked to run a sequel webinar Tips and Tricks for CAD and Turning.

hyperCAD®-S Deformation allows the CAM user to deform any geometry according to particular specifications, whether it is curves, meshes or faces.
Parametric Modelling enables the user to not only model components directly but also based on modelling history and parametrics.

Shop Viewer can help with social distancing measures / communication, between the CAM programmer and the machine operator. Data that is relevant to manufacturing can be visualised, simulated and every machining operation can be checked in detail direct next to the machine.

hyperMILL® MAXX Machining Turning follows on from the success of our hyperMILL® MAXX Machining High Performance Roughing toolpaths in the milling environment, we present our hyperMILL® MAXX Machining High Performance Turning with at least 40%-time savings

Tool Path Splitting links tool path length, to tool life. Long tool paths might need the cutting tool to be changed due to wear. hyperMILL® can automate this manual process.

Ken Baldwin Sales Director
Jon Shortt Snr Applications Engineer

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hyperMILL® AEROSPACE Solutions

Complex shapes, difficult-to-machine materials and higher quality expectations are some of the known challenges of Aerospace manufacturing.

hyperMILL® offers the most comprehensive and versatile solution for manufacturing of High-mix Low-volume production for aero-engines and aero-structures.

Join us for this webinar and learn how to leverage your machine-shop assets alongside hyperMILL solutions, for increased productivity and competitiveness.

Adrian Smith
Managing Director OPEN MIND Technologies UK

Nitin Jain
Managing Director OPEN MIND Technologies India

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hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center - Knowledge based Programming

Automate your programming processes today! Find out in the webinar how you can create and use your own automation solution with the hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center. This will simplify your CAM programming and get you to the NC program faster.

By automating the simpler parts of your program, this leaves you free to concentrate on the value added more difficult parts of the work. Automation also allows senior engineers to embed their experience in the program sections for more junior engineers to use. Automating will improve your productivity and make you more competitive.

Ken Baldwin Sales Director
Corey Jamieson Application Engineer

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hyperMILL® 3 Axis Milling - Improve Quality and Cycle Time

In the crowded 3 axis market, businesses are striving to show differentials to win new business.

For many years now hyperMILL® has been regarded as the most powerful CAM solution for 5-axis machining, but this is your chance to see how hyperMILL® can equal this performance in 3-axis machining also.

During this webinar we will be demonstrating many advanced 3-axis features to reduce your cycle times, increase your efficiency and produce superior quality parts. These features include:

  • Stock Management and Auto Trim to Stock to reduce machine air moves.
  • Smooth overlap blending between toolpaths to massively reduce tool witness marks.
  • Intelligent and automatic lead in and lead out moves.
  • Optimised roughing strategies for different materials and applications
  • Automatic surface extension option to give the user full tool engagement control.
  • High-Precision machining to produce superior quality surface finish.
  • Fast cycle time calculations.

Simon Docker Sales Manager
Joshua Harper Applications Engineer

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hyperMILL® 2020.2 | UK Update: What’s New?

hyperMILL® 2020.2 offers numerous new functions that will simplify and speed up your daily tasks. The inclusion of hyperCAD®-S Parametric represents yet another one of our milestones. With this, components can be modelled para-metrically. Thanks to extensions for turning and for additive manufacturing, users can now deploy these technologies even more efficiently and reliably.

Matt Coulson Sales Manager
Thomas Edwards Application Engineer

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Tips and Tricks Getting the most out of your hyperMILL®

In this free webinar, we will be giving a tutorial in some of the cycles we feel are under used, but can give some of the highest returns. Five Axis Rework simplifies turning a 3-axis design into a 5-axis design: It shows how to get to hard to reach points and validation of collision avoidance.
Barrel Machining, ever wondered how much you can save? We will introduce a spreadsheet you can use to calculate the tool radius and step down and hence the savings, as well as how to use all the faces on the mill to reduce tool wear.

Ken Baldwin Sales Director
Jon Shortt Snr Applications Engineer

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hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining

Mill/turn centres are designed for efficient all-in-one machining in a single setup. With its MILL-TURN Machining module, hyperMILL® CAM software provides the perfect integration of milling and turning strategies in a single user interface.

  • Save time in programming
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Improve quality

Justin Talboys-Cotton Sales Manager
Dominic Prinsloo Application Engineer

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High Precision Machining

In this webinar we will show you how you can optimise your finishing operations with High-Precision Machining. The results are high quality surfaces and flawless transitions between the different milling areas.

Ken Baldwin Sales Director
Josh Harper Application Engineer

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