For the use of high feed rate cutters

Optimized pocket strategies and highly precise toolpaths for the use of high feed rate cutters: The Perfect Pocketing Technology provides added speed in a vast range of applications.

Perfect Pocketing Technology: The name says it all. This innovative technology fits pockets perfectly into the area to be machined. At the same time, it optimizes the toolpaths for high feed milling. Linear toolpaths ensure maximum feed rates for both standard and high feed rate cutters. The advantages of this tech­no­lo­gy can be seen especially in the aerospace industry and  machining on large machines.


  • Reduced machining times
  • Generation of linear toolpaths
  • Tool potentials are fully exploited
  • Optimized machining especially when using high feed milling cutters
  • Easy to program


  • Automatic creation of linear toolpaths for maximum feed rates
  • Optimized machining especially when using high feed milling cutters
  • The blade geometry of the milling tools is fully accounted for in the CAM system
  • Simple operation

The Perfect Pocketing Technology

Details about the Perfect Pocketing technology in hyperMILL® MAXX Machining

Adaptive Pocket

This function fits pockets optimally into the area to be roughened. This means that as much of the area as possible is machined with linear ma­chi­ne movements. The machining can be carried out as a pocket or as a pocket in conjunction with contour-parallel toolpaths. Especially when dealing with large pockets, machining with a high feed milling cutter and subsequent rest machining gets the job done faster than con­to­ur-parallel roughing of the entire pocket.

High Feed Machining

hyperMILL® allows users to take full advantage of high feed milling cutters’ special blade ge­o­met­ri­es. The lateral infeed can be automatically calculated by defining a scallop height. Special retract movements have been implemented to avoid rest material in corners.

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