Rudolf Brügger SA | Minusio (TI), Switzerland

The 5-axis strategies from hyperMILL® make it possible to complete complex machining jobs in a simpler way. The number of individual machining steps is reduced, more stable tools result in better process parameters, and the use of alternative tools generates higher stock removal rates.

Quality and precision are two of the guidelines for Rudolf Brügger SA from Minusio, Switzerland, a company that produces jewels for the watch industry and bearing and industrial stones from extra-hard materials such as ruby, sapphire, hard metals, technical ceramics, titanium, and stainless steel. Rudolf Brügger has expanded in recent years into a second line of business and has applied the same high quality standards: CNC machining of high-precision micro-mechanical metal components.

Best opportunities for growth in 5-axis milling

The company sees its best opportunities for growth in 5-axis milling. Today, the production chain here consists of hyperMILL® CAM software from OPEN MIND, Mikron machining centres and System 3R automation solutions. Company head Ruedi Brügger says: “5-axis is the technology of the future. Parts are becoming increasingly complex in both the machining and medical fields. Our parts portfolio has also developed in the direction of 5-axis. Investment was therefore required to retain existing orders and to generate new ones.”

“Looking back, we made the right decision to go with the complete 5-axis solution, including OPEN MIND's CAM software.“

Ruedi Brügger, Company head

Comprehensive CAM solution

The company already had a 5-axis core machine. The existing CAM software, however, required significant effort for 5-axis machining. New CAM software was required to fully exploit the performance of modern milling machines such as the Mikron. Different CAM systems were available for selection, including hyperMILL®, the CAM software from OPEN MIND Technologies AG.

OPEN MIND has made a name for itself internationally as a pioneer in innovative 5-axis technologies. OPEN MIND’s CAM solutions combine a userfriendly interface and the largest range of 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis modules available to users. Intelligent functions and automated programming, such as feature technology and machining rules (macros), reduce programming times. Efficient machining strategies shorten machining times while retaining high process reliability. Postprocessors from OPEN MIND generate NC programs that are optimised to meet the customer’s requirements and are matched with the existing machines and controllers. OPEN MIND therefore maintains close partnerships with machine tool manufacturers such as GF AgieCharmilles.

Customer Story

Rudolf Brügger SA

Minusio, Switzerland

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