hyperMILL® – the CAM Solution for Any Challenge

OPEN MIND is one of the world’s most successful developers of CAD/CAM software solutions. These have long been part of the success stories of numerous manufacturing companies from a wide variety of industries.

Every industry poses unique challenges to the CAM system. Therefore, anyone who wants to manufacture products quickly, reliably and with top quality in today’s competitive environment needs a modern and reliable CAM solution.

hyperMILL® is used successfully across the globe by renowned companies from a wide range of industries.

Complete machining with just one CAM software and one postprocessor for all turning and milling processes results in integrated processes and minimized machining times, while also increasing reliability – for maximum process safety, cost efficiency, and quality.

Proven know-how, tailor-made functions, and innovative solutions make hyperMILL® what it is in modern production: the key to success in every industry.

Modelling and Prototyping

At low unit volumes, the CAM software must ensure low-cost programming and production.


Mold and Die

Having the right CAM solution helps overcome the challenges faced in production.


Production Machining

CAM solutions have to be highly flexible to efficiently mill different components.


Compressors, Pumps, Turbines

The machining of impellers and blisks places high demands on CAM software.



CAM software helps the aerospace sector gain a critical edge in the face of tough competition.



The choice of the optimal CAD/CAM system is a critical success factor also for the Automotive Industry.


Motor Sports

Manufacturers in this branch interested in producing high-end components should choose a high-end CAM system.


Medical Sector

Premium manufacturing quality is crucial to securing a greater quality of life for patients.


Watches and Jewelry

CAM systems have become indispensable to the watch and jewelry industry.