Investing in Knowledge

Are you new to programming with hyperMILL® or hyperCAD®-S? Have you been thinking about investing in some advanced training?

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate user, OPEN MIND offers training programs for any programmer that wants to enhance their skills. The training experts at OPEN MIND convey in-depth application knowledge and practice-oriented information, allowing you to use hyperMILL® and hyperCAD®-S effectively in your everyday work and achieve optimal results.

If your employees are well-trained and capable of using modern, high-performance software in a productive manner, it will guarantee your company’s success in the long term:

  • Better CAM programming results
  • More expertise for higher productivity
  • Motivate employees with continuous education

Are you a hyperMILL® or hyperCAD®-S customer?
Do you want to invest in training?

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