Multimatic CFT | Wymondham (Norfolk), United Kingdom

Norwich-based Carbon Fibre Technologies (CFT) Ltd is using four seats of hyperMILL® CAM software to help it optimise complex five‑axis machining cycles on a range of high performance DMG machining centres.

The company offers a full range of advanced composite design, engineering and manufacturing services, including concept development, detail design, structural analysis, pattern making and production of com­po­nents and tooling for motorsport, tele­commu­nications and aerospace industry clients. The reason for such rapid growth is partly due to the weight/stiffness properties offered by components manufactured from carbon fibre composites, which cannot be attained from more conventional engineering materials.

Maximise the throughput of five‑axis machines

To help CFT maximise the throughput of its four five‑axis machines, the company decided to evaluate the leading CAM vendors. “At the time we already had a well known CAM package in use, but its five-axis ca­pa­bi­li­ty was limited – it had a distinct lack of gouge protection,” explains Mr Woolhouse. “Selecting a re­pla­ce­ment system was crucial. We were moving towards high specification, high cost, five‑axis machining centres and we could not afford collisions.”

“Acquiring hyperMILL® has been a good decision for us.“

Arthur Woolhouse, Managing Director

Replace the existing CAM package

These thoughts formed the chief reason behind CFT’s decision to re­pla­ce its existing CAM package and invest in hyperMILL®. “We ne­e­ded tool path reliability so much,” he continues, “and the gouge protection on hyperMILL® was the best we saw. Also, ease-of-use and speed of processing were impressive. hyperMILL® had a postprocessor that could cope with the advanced CNCs on our five-axis machines – after all, wonderful tool paths are worthless without being able to present them to the machines in a format they can understand. The other con­tri­bu­ting factor was that hyperMILL® could be integrated into our ex­is­ting CAD package.”

Customer Story

Carbon Fibre Technologies

Norwich, UK

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