Target Group: This class focuses on the hyperMILL 5-axis technology.

The course will range from foundation material to advanced topics. It is aimed at students with existing hyperMILL and our own CAD software in hyperMILL experience.

Prerequisite for participation
Experience with hyperMILL and hyperMILL CAD software. Students and managers should review our document Keys for Successful Training. The instructor will provide the necessary files for this class.

OPEN MIND’s 5 axis online training course will cover the core / cavity and surface cycles within hyperMILL. The interactive class will teach attendees full control over simultaneous 5-axis cycles. For cavity cycles, the students will experience a deep dive into tool  axis control via radial Z, tilt curves, and automatic strategies. High usage 5-axis surface cycles such as Swarf, Shape Offset, and Tangent machining are also presented with depth and nuance. 5-axis roughing will be covered thoroughly with the aim of improving remaining stock conditions for subsequent tool paths. The course will also touch upon more niche cycles including 5X radial machining and Half Pipe.

1 day | 10:00-5:00 eastern

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